Nikemade this post happen, my own opinions & words brought it to life. 🌈

Nike Neon Airmax
Nike Neon Airmax
Nike Neon Airmax

Reformation top, vintage skirt, Nike Air Max 270 Hi-Viz shoes, bag from Ubud Art Market

Hi again! This past weekend marked the beginning of festival weekend, and like many Los Angelenos, I made the the annual trek to the desert. This year (like the past, 3 or 4?), I skipped the actual fest and headed to the parties & brand activations in Palm Springs. This look was my fav., most likely because it strays the furthest from the usual fringe and ripped denim--which I donn as well--but in less saturated environments. I was so excited to ~debut~ my hand-woven bag I snagged during my Bali trip at the Ubud Art Market in Indonesia. For the utmost comfort + style in one, I have on my Nike Air Max 270 Hi-Viz shoes. They’re officially my go-to summer sneakz, with their tall heel air unit and striking colors. Love that they’re inspired by Nike’s Air Max 180 from 1991--retro vibes!

See more Nike pieces that would be perfect for festivals (or any summer day, really) HERE.

I hope you followed along with me this past weekend through all the madness on my Instagram & Stories: @joellenlove.

Nike Neon AirmaxNike Neon Airmax



  1. OMG I've been following you since forever and I never thought I'd see you in sneakers. Love how you styled these nikes! More sneaker post plz!

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