Look 1: Reformation dress, Dolce Vita Jesse c/o Zappos, vintage Guess bag


Look 2: Top c/o Never Fully Dressed, American Apparel Easy Jean, Dolce Vita Saylor c/o Zappos, vintage Guess bag

One of my favorite festivities that will never grow old (err.. I’ll never grow too old for) is the pumpkin patch. Whether I walk out with a pumpk of my own or empty handed, I just love the event; it’s somewhat of a nostalgic initiation of the changing seasons for me. (However, I of course do not condone the use of petting zoos!) This year I teamed up one of my favorite trends, the PJ blouse, with skinnies and these super comfy Dolce Vita Saylor boots from Zappos. And to demo the versatility of their boots, I wore another of my favorite pairs, the Dolce Vita Jesse, with a less casual outfit—a star print and heavily cut out dress by Reformation. Zappos has hands-down been one of my favorite go-to spots for so many things, both for myself and for gifts! They have a whopping 1-year return policy, free shipping & returns, and their customer service is top-notch, which you know by now is v rare in our current ecommerce-saturated world.



  1. that last sentence is sooo true. you look so cute!


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  4. Oh hi pumpkin spice hottie!!

  5. you look so gorgeous, so ready for fall!

  6. October, best month ever since halloween and my birthday, can't get better than that. LOL

    Eric Jess

  7. Pumpkiiiiiins



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