Vintage Dior bodysuit, For Love & Lemons bralette, After Party by Nasty Gal skirt, Maryam Nassir Zadeh Sophie Sandals

Last week I stopped by Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance for some much-needed retail therapy. It totally has the Target effect--I came for a few things but left with so much more, in a really good way. Stopped by Zara for a classic bomber, which led me to Lush for a glittery bath bomb, the glitter reminded me of Milk Makeup's hologram highlighter at UO, and you get the picture. Topped it off with a trusty backpack by Guess. Not to mention all the sweet Poke'mon we came across, AND I owned my first gym! (Team Mystic for the win). I hope this news helps convince your significant other to tag along. And although college is a chapter behind me, this is a great spot to do damage for your back-to-school shopping!



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