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ACNE. It sucks, it's there, but no one really talks about it. Actually, I do. I'm the kind of person that can't wait for things to "heal" "properly". I love popping zits, I love popping my friends' zits. Something that also sucks is hyperpigmentation and acne scarring, which is why treatment and prevention are important--no popping necessary! I teamed up with Zapzyt to infuse my daytime skincare routine and show my skin some TLC while still giving acne the boot. The set includes the Acne Cleanser, Pore Scrub, Spot Treatment, and Pore Treatment.

I'll be giving away full-size sets (seen above) to 5 winners! To enter, comment below and let me know a funny and/or embarrassing acne related story (include your email so I can contact you) and that's it! I'll go first: In high school, I kissed this boy and when we released he asked if my nose was bleeding (I get nosebleeds quite frequently in the summer). Nope, it wasn't blood from my nose running down my face, it was a zit that decided to explode during my moment of intimacy. 

Now your turn! Five winners will be chosen randomly--unless you have a story so funny I spit my food out while reading--because let's face it, I'll most likely be eating when reading your comments. Giveaway closes 7 days from time of posting.

Thank you to ZAPZYT for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own--including embarrassing story, unfortunately. 


  1. thanks for the giveaway! one time i farted during a date, sooo mortifying!

    my email is angela.413@gmail.com

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  2. One time I went to a motorcycle place and everyone made fun of me because I didn't have a street name


  3. One time I was at a friends house using their washroom, as I was washing my hands I noticed in the mirror that I had a HUUUUGE zit on the very end of my nose. So I decided it was a good time as any to pop that sucker. It took all my might to pop it and when it finally did it left the most discussing splatter on the glass mirror. I tried to frantically clean it up but end up smudging it around. As for my nose, it wouldn't stop bleeding so I stuck toilet paper on the end of it. I was mortified to leave the bathroom.

  4. lol funny quote in the first pic!~

    one time i was at work and there was a cake in the kitchen and i ate SO much of it! then turns out it wasn't for everyone it was someone's work baby shower cake!!


  5. in high school i thought it was dress in your PJs day at school, but i got the day wrong and everyone made fun of my PJs! because they weren't real, they were fake funny ones, and everyone thought i overslept and wore my real ones to school!


  6. One time I was in school taking a test, and I felt a new zit on my forehead and I decided to pop it in class while nobody was watching. Unfortunately it started to bleed and it turns out the kid next to me saw the entire thing and started to freak out because he was mortified of blood, with him freaking out it had gotten the attention of the entire class. I had to explain to the teacher and the entire class that I had popped the zit on my forehead.


  7. one time my bf was talking a shower at my house, i went in the bathroom to surprise him and opened the door and it was my sister! luckily there was steam so it wasn't a big deal but i was still so grossed out!


  8. I had a massive pimple on my nose in that awkward spot where a nose piercing would be, and this bad boy was a beast, I didn't want to go to school or be seen in public. All day everyone was asking if I got my nose pierced pretty excitedly.. When I would tell them "no it's a pimple" they seemed so let down and just dip their head silently... Super awkward. Later in the day I just started saying " yes " and the response was much more positive. Once it finally went away, which it was a good couple weeks for it to fully go down, I had to lie and say the piercing got infected so I took it out. One of my more awkward high school experiences.


  9. One time in high school I had one of those zits on my forehead that basically looks like a huge hole, and I was about to meet my boyfriends mom for the first time. We were pretty comfortable in the relationship but not comfortable enough to laugh about acne or smelly farts but right before I walked into the room to meet his mom he told me, with a straight face, that I should go pop the giant cyst on my forehead. I was mortified
    and so self concious for the rest of the day.

  10. Back in highschool i'd usually fall asleep first period and several times i'd wake up with markings on my face due to peers playing connect the dots with my pimples. haha


  11. one time at band camp I had pimples and stayed in the dark all night on my date

  12. During freshmen year of high school (a collectively awful time for everyone) I was giving this presentation in school when my giant pimple that I had **attempted to cover in concealer decided to burst !! Only thing is I didn't realize until my presentation was over and I was getting many odd looks on the way back to my seat. Love a good pimple pop !
    Email: kailyneagy@gmail.com

  13. I had pretty decent skin in high school, but when I got my first big whopper of a pimple I kind of freaked out. It was a monster of a blemish and my mother (having worked at a dermatologist's office) was weirdly excited that it looked ready to pop. She practically held me down to do just that - pop it. I felt the grossness coming out of my forehead and blotted it with a paper towel before heading to school. I felt a couple of stares at school but my friends did a good job of reassuring me that it wasn't that bad. The end of the school day rolls around and it must have briefly escaped my mind of what used to live on my forehead. I reached up to scratch that area and before I realized what I was doing. The teacher asked if I needed to be excused to the restroom right before I saw the few drops of blood hit my notebook.


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  15. I would have to say spending time and money on skin/acne treatments that do not work and constantly having to hide your face in public and in photos with way too much makeup can be quite embarrassing.

    Thank you. :)
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  16. Hi! About two years ago, I worked as an after-school program tutor with children between the grade levels of K-5th grade. I had a gnarly breakout at the time so I decided not to wear makeup to work to let my skin “breathe” for the day. Near the end of the day, a little 1st grader and her girl gang (aka the 6 year old Plastics) walked over to me during dismissal time (while parents and my supervisor were present) and DARED to ask me “WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MANY PIMPLES ON YOUR FACE?!” Everyone in our vicinity turned to look at my face. Being pretty fair-skinned, I turned bright-red- I wanted to run into my classroom and cry. But then I remembered I was a 22 year old “adult” and kids love to say things with no real intentions. SO I JUST SMILED AND TURNED AROUND then I thought to myself, “You too, will one day have acne” and I felt 100 again! **insert smiley face sunglasses emoji** **insert purple evil smile horned emoji*

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