Zappos Timberland Powder Blue Slip, Lace blouse
Zappos Timberland Powder Blue Slip, Lace blouse
Zappos Timberland Powder Blue Slip, Lace blouseZappos Timberland Powder Blue Slip, Lace blouse
Zappos Timberland Powder Blue Slip, Lace blouse
Zappos Timberland Powder Blue Slip, Lace blouse
Zappos Timberland Powder Blue Slip, Lace blouseZappos Timberland Powder Blue Slip, Lace blouse

Timberland Roselyn Fisherman Sandal c/o Zappos, Fossil bag, Motel lace blouse, Stelen Slip, vintage scarf

For this post, I teamed up with Timberland x Zappos who sent over some shoes that I've grown to love--they're a sweet summer sandal, and the cork heel makes it super easy-peasy to walk in and conquer the concrete jungle that is DTLA. I paired them with glittery socks and my favorite combo as of late: slip dresses layered over tops. I usually stick with tees, but I upped the formal factor and tried it out with this lace top... and I must say I'm digging the results. As usual, ordering with Zappos was a cinch. The customer service is on point, and they have free returns and give a 365-day window to decide if you're in love with your items or not. Not sure how it gets any better than that!



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  3. I love that you added a top under your slip dress. I also love the glitter socks in the sandals :)

  4. I really love this look! I'm loving the slip dress trend as well. It looks great on you.

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  5. Great look!
    Enjoy your summer!

    Xoxo, Victoria


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  9. love the way you layered this!


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