Vivienne Restaurant at Avalon Hotel
Revolve Coachella Party 2016
Nasty Gal Alina Bodysuit Nude Peach

Look 1: Front & Center Bell Sleeve Romper c/o Tobi, vintage scarf
Look 2: Denim Daze Shift Dress c/o Tobi, Mansur Gavriel cross straps sandals, Karen Walker Sunnies
Look 3: Daydream Denim Romper c/o Tobi
Look 4: Nasty Gal Bodysuit, After Party shorts, vintage Dior scarf

I now use the phrase "Coachella" very loosely in terms of my annual attendance--I don't think I could ever step foot on those grounds again. Don't get me wrong, attending from ages 18-22 were experiences I'll never forget, but 10 hours of sun + a KROQ lineup + constraints of a beer garden just aren't my deal anymore. On the other hand, there's everything that surrounds it and more. Amongst my favorites include Revolve's event (taking Lacoste's throne), Neon Carnival (of course), newcomer Levi's, and Popsugar for the goodie bags.

PS. First-time shopper at Tobi.com get 50% off their first order!



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