The 6ix in Toronto with Kastor & Pollux

The 6ix in Toronto with Kastor & Pollux

TOP// Coastal Bloom Slip Dress c/o MinkPink, customized Boom Boom Jacket c/o Vans Girls, vintage Versace scarf, The Row sunglasses
BOTTOM// Velvet Face Shirtdress c/o The Whitepepper, vintage hat, The Row sunglasses

Visited The good ol' 6ix for Dani's birthday and to be reunited to Alyssa and Bianca (finally). I feel like our bi-annual international stays together during fashion week aren't enough (and neither do they, apparently), so we made an event out of it. If you're a So-Cal weather-sensitive baby like me, but still want to experience actual seasons, November is a great month to visit! The air was crisp and delicately biting, but didn't deter me from leaving the house *ahem, NYFW in Feb.*

By the way, I have Alyssa to thank for my beautiful new blog navigation! I literally imagined my ideal nav. bag and made a mockup in photoshop and she MADE IT EXACTLY. Coding wizardry.



  1. Awesome style, love the 2nd outfit! xx


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