Glossier Mask Duo gift box, Pinrose perfume

I know, lately I've been the Prodigal Blogger, but for good reason. I haven't really told anyone on the internetz yet, but I now oversee all of social media at Nasty Gal! It's entirely more stressful than my previous role, by tenfold, but that more much gratifying. With that, plus basically no sunlight after work for shooting outfits, well, is the inevitable fate of not being able to blog on the personal side as often. That's not to say I don't update my Instagram and Snapchat (*insert ghost emoji*: joellenlu) on a daily basis. Because I do. Therefore, regular outfits will resume once I get to see the daylight again (i.e., after winter), and until then, I'll be posting more of something I've wanted work on for a while now: lifestyle!

Above is what I consider a solid-ass gift guide. No polyvore collages with inaccessible gifts too expensive to gift even yourself... erm, I mean, you own mother. I've included the limited edition gift box version of my favorite mask duo from Glossier, which includes their Green Pack Galaxy mask for sucking out impurities, and their Moisturizing Moon Mask to calm inflamed or irritated skin. I full the full versions weekly. 

Next is Pinrose's Secret Genius perfume. I answered a series of questions on their site--but it wasn't some cheesy survey--it was a beautiful and clean series of photos, and I chose which of two images I gravitated towards most. At the end, I was left with a three-piece starter pack of scents catered to my inclinations. Of those these, I selected my favorite: Secret Genius, laced with vanilla and caramel. Can't use? Opt for The Sampler, a starter pack of each one of their scents.



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