This is a sponsored post. Target gave me the dough, I’m giving you the down low.

I’m totally guilty of the common phenomenon of walking into Target needing one thing, but coming out with tenfold. But after moving to L.A., I’ve realized it’s kind of a blessing in disguise, especially having one so close in downtown. Not only can I pick up my makeup wipes, but I can also grab a new comfy outfit for work, and the cayenne pepper I needed for a last-minute recipe I discovered.

Nars bronzer, Tarte Amazonian Clay, NYX matte lip cremes, e.l.f. brushes, Sonia Kashuk highlighter stick
Nars bronzer, Tarte Amazonian Clay, NYX matte lip cremes, e.l.f. brushes, Sonia Kashuk highlighter stick

As it's widely known, those cosmetics aisles are almost magnetic. And if you’ve ever come in with a boyfriend or dude friend, they know better than to rush you while you do your thang (unless you have a totally fabulous friend that joins in). I really dig and sincerely appreciate the variety of brands I can choose from that are cruelty-free. NYX is my favorite go-to for makeup, and Acure is my favorite to take said makeup off. The Natural Beauty aisle is not one to miss.


I also picked up this cozy Mossimo Flannel, which I’m wearing as an open cardigan above for warmer summer evenings here in Southern CA, but I’m fully prepared to wear it as a dress once it gets cooler in the Fall. Shout out to XXL sizing. I also popped on this C9 by Champion Visor to top off my tennis-esque vibes.

Check out Target’s College Styler at MadeForU.Target.com to find you and your roommate’s ultimate college style.


  1. Nice carpet lol :)
    Love your look, dear!


  2. We don't have anything like target nearby, but I wish we had.
    I think it would make everything so much easier.
    Love the super casual look, very cool!

    Much Love, M

  3. cute post! I love the visor, I sported them back in 5th grade ahah.


  4. Target over here is nothing like Target over there. I was pretty impressed by it, except for all the food stuff, that was way too weird for me hahaha! I was really besotted with the beauty department. Especially the wall of Essie shades. Gahhh, I still remember all that colour!


  5. Lovely look and post!!


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