Target paid for the post and the goods, I made them pretty.

Black fuzzy plush butterfly chair

I took up the challenge with Target to do a bedroom re-do for under $350, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Getting right into it, my favorite purchase has to be my Plush Butterfly Chair. It’s perfect for loft (or dorm) life because I can just fold it up and stash it in the corner at any time. It’s super comfy and I love watching Sailor Moon with the roomies in my own bed version of a chair (falling asleep in it is just too easy).

Min Pin, vintage comforter, bed, loft, DTLA

White has always been an absolute must when it comes to bed sheets, and mine are the softest sheets by Threshold. I’ve never been a morning person, so white helps bring light to the bed and makes me become a morning person. So that the white doesn’t become too monotonous, I accented with blacks and moss green. Light pollution is another factor that’s common amongst lofts and dorms—if one person has the light on, everyone can see it. I will not be that jerk that keeps everyone up with them, so I made a DIY headboard with these string lights by Room Essentials. They give off a soft glow, which is enough light for me without disturbing the roomies.

Hanging branch clothing rack, exposed brick, DTLA loft

My favorite part of my room has to be my hanging rack. It’s essentially just a branch I found in my parents’ backyard and hung up in the corner! I nicknamed it #MichelleBranch. I used white acrylic paint, some wire, and clasps. This is perfect if you have a small closet, sharing it with your roomie, or *gulp* don’t have one at all.

Check out Target’s College Styler at MadeForU.Target.com to find you and your roommate’s ultimate college style.


  1. The black chair is pretty cool!


  2. wow, you did a great job with this challenge! love your choice in bedsheets, it looks great with the light coming in from the window.

  3. I bet your room is cool! Love your hanging rack as well especially because of your wall! I love bricks!!!

  4. Wow how cool!
    I love that rack, so cool u fixed it urself

    Much Love, M

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