Me, ready to get my snack on

Hey guys! In my next installment of DIYs, I collaborated with my photographer/collab. assistant/homegirl Lisa to create a delicious meal that's appealing to all the senses (yes, I call recipes DIYs). With the help of HP and the HP x360, I'm showing you how I bend the rules by combining some of my favorite ingredients ever and put a twist on classic dishes. 

Caprese Quesadilla Recipe and Cucumber Basil Mule
Hi, Lisa!

After watching HP x360's Behind The Scenes Video, it inspired me to go out the box with an artistic collaboration by pushing my comfort zone and putting my culinary muscles to work. I'm not one to cook very much (making eggs is in my rolodex of skills), so I called upon my friend & photographer Lisa, who frequently 'pins' delicious recipes onto different boards and who I know would help put her own artistic flare when bringing our project to life. She’s an extremely talented graphic designer/branding aficionado, and the perfect co- collaborator! 
Check out HP x360’s Behind the Scenes Video here! When watching the video, I was inspired by the common language of art, and it reminded me of when I visited the Sofia Reina Museum in Spain—and how one does not need to speak the same language to internalize and appreciate another individual’s artistic piece.
Without further ado...
My favorite part.. EATING IT.
Caprese Quesadilla Recipe and Cucumber Basil Mule
Caprese Quesadilla Recipe and Cucumber Basil Mule


  1. Lisa has amazing hair :D



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