This is a sponsored post. Target gave me the dough, I’m giving you the down low.

Target Beauty Box

Time for a Get Ready with Me post! In this edition, I’m doing my favorite subtle daytime look. I employed the help of Target to add new products into my somewhat experimental day makeup style. Black winged liner has definitely been my safety net, and although I’d never give it up, it feels refreshing to hang it up a couple days a week. Here’s how I did it and the results.

Target Beauty Box

I wash my face with natural face wash at night, and in the mornings I stick with a gentle cleansing cloth. I moisturize all over with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream for its lightweight finish and I also use it as a primer. Next, I apply my favorite tinted moisturizer with SPF, as I’ve found even the lightest foundation feels cakey to me. I then fill in my brows with an ash brown gel crème and slanted brush, being sure to feather it out with a spooley. I seal in my finished skin prep with L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro- Spray & Set, which locks it in for a full, extended day.

Now it’s time for definition. Instead of lining my eyes, I used a dark matte brown and smeared it around my eyes’ entirety. It gives a slightly tired but elevated look to the eyes, and the lack of liner and mascara keeps it fresh. I skipped on contouring bronzer and highlighter to keep the look completely matte, and used a dark rose crème blush on the apples of my cheeks. Lastly, I topped it off with Maybelline’s Color Elixir by Color Sensational Lip Color, which is like a 3-in-1: lipstick, balm, and gloss.

Target Beauty Box

I accompanied the organic look with naturally tousled tresses. I washed my hair with Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Shampoo by SheaMoisture. This is my favorite in the bunch, as it’s sulfate-free and super gentle on my processed ombre hair. It smells amazing and is not tested on animals! I let my hair air dry, as I always do, after running my fingers through my strands with leave-in conditioner. I scrunched and spritzed the results with TRESemme’s TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray to ensure my waves keep their volume all day.

Target Beauty Box

I picked out a breezy striped jumpsuit to don for the day. Stay tuned for my complete outfit, including which accessories I paired it with, in my next post!

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  1. Great post! :)


  2. SheaMoisture always has amazing shampoos. I will try that one soon :)


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