Above is my bedroom tour! Not unexpectedly, the only time I got it as clean as I'd like is right before moving out. And it's still not immaculate, but it's a pretty good representation of my room :) Besides living in Long Beach in college, I've spent the majority of my life in this always-comforting-and-welcoming room. Also not unexpectedly, an apartment tour of my new place will follow.

I also want to mention this company that's super grown on me. Vain Pursuits is a skincare line that is catered to your needs, expectations, and likings to a friggin' T, using all-natural ingredients. I answered a detailed questionnaire about my skin, its habits & mine, and even what my favorite scents were. I ended up with a triple powerhouse of natural skincare products just for me. With the bottles came personalized explanations of the whats/hows/whys of each tonic. And importantly, they're 100% cruelty-free. You can try out your own Vain Collection for only $25 with the code JOELLENVAIN1MTH, or get 1 month free out of your 3-month plan when you use JOELLENVAIN.

Vain Pursuits skincare Vain Pursuits skincare