Spain Diary Sprout HP 
Yup, leave it to me to upload a travel photo diary two days short of three months after the fact. I see it as a more thorough opportunity to look back at moments with a more sincere fondness, rather than it being fresh on the brain. Rumination. That and my procrastination, sorry! 
In addition to my relatively brief photo diary (you can see my more expressive video diary here), I'm excited to share my new Sprout by HP! Above is a project I finished with this innovative new PC system. I scanned each item individually with an overhead projector that's attached to the touch screen monitor. It also comes with a touch mat, no mouse or keyboard necessary! A keyboard is projected onto the mat, which reads each keystroke. This machine is a lifesaver, as I can finally give purpose, and a digital presence, to my heaps of polaroid photos, not to mention show stubs, magazine clippings, and photo booth strips. It's also a unique way to document my handwritten ramblings, musings, and reminders, which I do so enthusiastically in my leatherette bound notebook, specifically, my Piccadilly Essential notebook. I snagged the smaller version for an easy stow in any sized bag.
If forming a mental image of the Sprout is a little difficult, I don't blame you--it's the first of its kind! Stay put, a follow up is coming in tow with a skincare routine tutorial. Until then, here's Spain!
Barcelona > Madrid > Seville > Costa del Sol > Barcelona
Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary Spain photo diary  


  1. Cool photos!
    I'm glad you visited my country, xx.

    1. You're so lucky, your country is beautiful! xx

  2. Looks like such a blast!! Love your swimwear!

    1. Thank you, it's one of my favorites!


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