1 Museo Reina Sofía (navy fedora, duster coat, fringe bag) // 2 La Musa Espronceda
3 View of Barcelona // 4 Lazy traveling attire
5 All Saints moto jacket, silk Equipment blouse, Karen Walker sunnies // 6 Petit Jet Lag
7 First thing's first I'm surrealist artwork by Salvador Dali // 8 Highest post of Park Güell
9 Miami > Barcelona flight // 10 Madrid in all Missguided

@joellenlove on instagram

¡Hola! I'm here in Spain, in Seville, on Columbus Day, but unfortunately it's raining tonight so I'm in my hotel bed. On a brighter note, I get to update you with the latest. Above is an (obvious) instagram roundup of my trip thus far, which includes Barcelona and Madrid. I'm exactly half-way through and loving every minute, besides my inevitable empty spot in my heart because I miss my puppy. The next five days includes my current stay in Seville, Malaga, and finishing off in Barcelona. More details when I post the video/photo diaries. ¡Hasta luego!



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  4. Spain is beautiful, enjoy!


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