In the whirl of excitement brewing for my trip to Spain in a little over a week, I put together a quick travel guide for daytime adventures. Some highlights? I've gone through my fair share of portable chargers, and the only one that has come close to my InfoTainment is this Lumsing power bank. Its minimal design takes the cake in comparison to my previously giant candy-apple bulkiness. Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced is my favorite and has actually replaced my wearing falsies... I'm so glad I put that chapter in my life back on the shelf. The Instax Mini 90 is ze best as I mentioned in my What's In My Bag video, and as you probably know, Rag & Bone hats can do no wrong. And this trip would not be possible without my lipstick-shaped pepper spray. Scope the rest of the goodies: 

Rag & Bone fedora // Too Faced Mascara // Evian Mineral Spray // The Row Sunglasses // Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 5 Case // CHANEL nail lacquer // Meli Mello backpack // Lumsing power bank // Instax Mini 90 // Luv Aj rings // Theory shirtdress // MSGM loafers // lipstick pepper spray

And if any of you are in Spain, feel free to email or comment to work together, have a meetup, or have any suggestions of what I MUST see!


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