Must-Do or Taboo? Being Active During "That Time of the Month"

Vintage moto outfit

“That time of the month” for us women is one we all know rather well—we’ve all got our own rituals and routines to which we stay true. Sometimes we stray away from favorite activities, for fear of accidental leakage or discomfort. Riding bikes, horseback riding, motorcycling and other activities that involve straddling something is a major taboo, it’s even been called “riding the crimson tide”! Just the idea seems irksome! For my first challenge, I tested my comfort levels by taking a mini road trip up to Silverado Canyon and Black Star Canyon on a motorcycle. 

 The entire trip was a breeze, and certainly ruled a must-do. I was able to partake in light physical activity (hanging on!) without putting my body in too much stress. As for every girl’s nightmare—the fear of leaking on the seat—and even worse, your partner on the bike!—I was totally covered. I had my o.b.® tampons on hand, and they fit perfectly in the modest pack I brought along. Application was a cinch and protected me the whole way. Ruling out the potential embarrassment factor definitely enabled me to enjoy the trip to its full potential. 

Because of the canyons’ relative proximity to my house, the ride is one that is familiar but never gets old. In fact, I’m able to soak in more of its beauty each time. My best friend and partner in crime, Chris, pulled up to Silverado Canyon, and our surroundings were breathtaking. We laid out a picnic in the shade. I prepared a cucumber-avocado-cream cheese sandwich and tea for myself, and for Chris, pizza and a soda. I didn’t hesitate to bring along one of my favorite Native American blankets as a spread — I knew there would be no leaks here! 

 Later, after hiking Black Star, the sun began to set. The colors blended like a watercolor painting and it couldn’t have been a more perfect closer to our Labor Day getaway. This challenge helped bust the taboo of avoiding the motorcycle trip and I’m glad I didn’t let anything hold me back! 

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