Teen Vogue Fall Five Instalist GiveawayTeen Vogue Fall Five Instalist Giveaway

Outfit 1: Nordstom BP cardigan, white button-up, faux leather shorts, vtg backpack, Hanes sheer tights,  PANDORA rings - Autumn Rings Collection
Outfit 2: Muscle crop tee, Hudson jeans, SOREL Medina II Boot

For this post, I styled my Fall Five (favorite fall picks) into two looks that are Autumn-ready--one for cooler days, and one for the rouge warm days we get here in SoCal. And BONUS! You can get a chance to score and win these pieces by SOREL, Hudson Jeans, Pandora Jewelry, Nordstrom BP, & Hanes Hosiery by checking out my instagram post. More details here: http://teenvogue.com/fallfivesweeps

Teen Vogue Fall Five Instalist Giveaway


Teen Vogue Fall Five Instalist Giveaway Teen Vogue Fall Five Instalist Giveaway Teen Vogue Fall Five Instalist Giveaway Teen Vogue Fall Five Instalist Giveaway Teen Vogue Fall Five Instalist Giveaway Teen Vogue Fall Five Instalist Giveaway 


Teen Vogue Fall Five Instalist Giveaway Teen Vogue Fall Five Instalist Giveaway Teen Vogue Fall Five Instalist Giveaway Teen Vogue Fall Five Instalist Giveaway 


  1. Love them both! First one's my favourite :) Gorgeous!
    Chelsea Street

  2. I love the second one! I also have them leather shorts in the first one hehe x

    1. Thank you! And they go with so many things, it's great, right?! xx

  3. In love with the first! The colors look amazing on you! ❤

    1. Thank you! Dark burgundy is my go-to color for fall :) xx

  4. Both great, the second makes you look very sexy and like ''Well I just woke up like this''! Personally I just love the colors on the first one and the silver details: it's perfect for fall and you can wear this all day long, from college to night out.

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