Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Watch in rose Gold, ivory chiffon skirt, vintage sequin cardigan

Lately I've been eyeing watches to accompany my lonely Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Watch. Although my phone has been my preferred timepiece since the days of strolling down my high school hallways, I feel like it's ~time~ I had a new addition to my collection. I have to admit my first investment watch was a Dooney & Bourke watch, complete with giant crystals on the face of the watch and an obnoxiously multi-colored monogrammed strap. It was cool at the time, trust me. Recently, Michael Kors has been tempting, but the millions of MK-lined detail shots saturating my tumblr feed has directed me to the accessory pages of Net-A-Porter, and even better, a fantasy trip to Wempe's Watch Shop London. A girl can dream!

With all that being said, what are your staple watches? Would love suggestions and couldn't think of a better group of gals & guys to ask.



Thank you for your feedback! xo