Last season in August was my first time at MAGIC Market Week and I had the amazing opportunity of being a Social Media Digital Influencer and official blogz0r/panelist. This season, dat boyy and I attended as buyers to get only the most awesome shit for the store. (I backspaced and retyped 'shit' three times before deciding it's mah bl0g and I do what I want.) The week spent in Sin City was absolutely more work than play, but I'm OK with work when it means shopping.
Packing in my room... Chris said this wasn't as funny as I thought it was. *Shrugs*
IMG_4298 IMG_4307 photo 1 
~complimentary upgrade~
Photographer was so kute but I forgot her name :(
IMG_4317 IMG_4311 
Met up with this season's bloggers at the BGBGeneration VIP Sky Box Lounge, complete with open bar, manis, and DIY affirmation bracelets. I chose Tarte, appropriately.
photo 2photo 3
Homegirl Gina paneling it up at the Tokyo street style discussion
And my little stroll through Wildfox's booth to peep their Fall & Holiday collections. I died 10 times:
Wildfox Couture Kitty Cat Crystal Sweater Wildfox Couture Unicorn Carousel Knit Sweater Wildfox Couture High Waist Green Sequin daisy 90's floral shorts IMG_4343 Wildfox Couture Bel Air sunglasses Wildfox Couture sunglasses 
photo 4photo 5 
Hotel room + security cam selfies
photo 6photo 7 
Photobombed with Stephanie & Chanelle | Hardcouture booth

Up ta no gewd with LVPD

photo 8photo 9 
Drinks for two~
My gel mani at said BCBGeneration lounge
Blake Anderson would be proud

photo 11 photo 12
Pit stop on the way home at Peggy Sue's 50's Diner. Unfortunately the decor was the only impressive thing about the spot.
For a mini-street style post from MAGIC, check it out here.



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