Tarte Vintage American Flag Waffle Knit and Chiffon Strong Shoulder Blouse at shoptarte.com, playsuit, Nasty Gal Patent Clutch Tarte Vintage American Flag Waffle Knit and Chiffon Strong Shoulder Blouse at shoptarte.com, playsuit, Nasty Gal Patent Clutch Tarte Vintage American Flag Waffle Knit and Chiffon Strong Shoulder Blouse at shoptarte.com, playsuit, Nasty Gal Patent Clutch Tarte Vintage American Flag Waffle Knit and Chiffon Strong Shoulder Blouse at shoptarte.com, playsuit, Nasty Gal Patent Clutch Tarte Vintage American Flag Waffle Knit and Chiffon Strong Shoulder Blouse at shoptarte.com, playsuit, Nasty Gal Patent Clutch Tarte Vintage American Flag Waffle Knit and Chiffon Strong Shoulder Blouse at shoptarte.com, playsuit, Nasty Gal Patent Clutch 

 Tarte Vintage USA Flag Waffle Knit and Chiffon Buttoned Up Blouse, Clarissa Playsuit c/o Beginning Boutique, Oversized Patent Clutch

I received this playsuit from one of my favorite Aussie retailers, Beginning Boutique, and channeled their intentionally summery piece (I imagine their summer Christmases must be awesome) into a Californian winter piece. I paired this romper over our chiffon pleated blouse, tights, and knee-high boots, and threw a chunky knit on top of everything. Coziest idea ever. It was perfect for vintage jewelry hunting and antique store hopping that day.



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  2. Georgeous



  3. lovely pictures! I enjoy reading this post


    love, cynthia

  5. Stunning look. I like your jumper. ❤


  6. lovely as always.



  7. Great outfit, my dear.
    You look very stylish.


  8. Lovely outfit. The second is my fav :)


  9. Absolutely love the 2nd outfit!
    S xx

  10. you're so lovely.
    you always have the best outfits.

    ps - santa hat on your banner is adorable.


  11. You look super cute. Love the layering happening in the outfit!

  12. aaagh, great sweaterrr!
    hope you had a good shopping day! x

  13. Happy new year!

    Xox, Victoria


  14. You look gorgeous, I love the black pinafore, and that shop is filled with amazing finds! Have an amazing 2013 and I hope its filled with all you want it to be :)



  15. fabulous look of you. happy new year!

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