CHANEL goodies: vintage quilted purse, loafers, scarf, and perfume; modern nail polish and cosmetics

So, realizing I haven't done an instagram "round-up" in about four months (when often times I see other blogs do weekly ones), I decided a lazy Saturday would be a nice opportunity. (And are the 2000's in yet? I've been itching to reference Nelly's song to an instagram post title.) 

Our most highly requested jacket came back to the store.. and was gone like that.

Packing sunglasses to ship out | Flea market hopping

Conor Oberst of Desaparecidos at FYF '12

Complementary drinks at the All Saints Party at the Cosmopolitan | wine & snacks with Bebe at MAGIC

Iced tea in Mason jars at Calico Ghost Town | MAGIC Influencer badge/gifting pack 

Beautiful Insights Candle c/o Beginning Boutique

Teen Vogue shooting my (old) room for a bedroom feature coming out soon! (Stay tuned)

Rooftop pool at the Aria in Las Vegas
Awesome ring from Kristine :) | Sneaking on my friend's neighbor's yard 

Drinks at the Standard rooftop for Bambi's birthday

Real-life inspirational mood board

Shopping in SoHo in New York

Thrifting | Shorts on the store

Finished product of Tarte Exclusive shorts

Bambi's original designs for her runway show

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FYF Fuck Yeah Fest 2012 FYF Fuck Yeah Fest 2012 FYF Fuck Yeah Fest 2012 FYF Fuck Yeah Fest 2012 FYF Fuck Yeah Fest 2012 FYF Fuck Yeah Fest 2012 FYF Fuck Yeah Fest 2012 FYF Fuck Yeah Fest 2012 FYF Fuck Yeah Fest 2012 outfit, fashion

Topshop swan crop top, AA skirt, Skeleton Bones tigh-high socks, thrifted cardigan

To save the hassle of lugging around my DSLR, I brought in solely my disposable camera. For perhaps the first time, ever, I decided I'd rather enjoy my time than focus on photos. In light of such choices, you see above the best outfit photo I squeezed out of my friends for both days. Not that bad, you say? Here's the original. Anyways, besides having the car locked in the parking garage, then having to squeeze five people in a four-seater taxi sedan and paying exactly $102 for the trip from LA to OC, I had an amazing time. This year's hi-lights for me were Cursive, Lightning Bolt, Desaparecidos, Beirut, The Fant, M83, and The Growlers.