River Island, an online store based in the UK, has been one of my straight shot bookmark pages for unique bags and a huge selection of shoes, which is why I’m sharing with you their newest facebook app. As you may have noticed, I'm very picky with my sponsored posts, but it was a given that I had to share this with you, coming from one of my favorite brands! This totally fun app. lets you clip you or your friends' photos, dub them onto a dancing model’s cool moves, and you get to edit the rest! Sharing is simple on facebook, where you can show off your newest routine. Amongst the iconic dances are the robot, the “single ladies,” and many more moves. My personal favorite? Blue Steel, of course. And guys, be not intimidated, there’s the “Man Vogue” too! I easily chose a profile photo, framed my face, chose a dance, and sat back for the laughs! When you’re done knee-slapping, you can even purchase the look featured in the video!

River Island satchels have seriously been some of my favorite bags. They’re so versatile and can be dressed up or down. I also love being able to bring all my essentials without looking like I’ve got a diaper bag in tow! It doesn’t stop there, though; they’ve got tons of casual and formal wear, not to mention the cutest swimsuits. With all their quality pieces, it’s no wonder they’re making a huge mark in the U.S. all the way from the UK!

Sponsored by River Island with original copy by me


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