As a vegetarian and all-around animal lover (fanatic, even!), it's very important to stay conscious where clothing comes from and if any harm was done to get those designer heels on your feet or that bag on your arm. With Merino Wool, there's no doubt or second-guessing that the natural, durable yet super soft fibre was obtained in the most humane methods possible. It's comforting to know my wool comes from happy, healthy sheep! And in natural farms in Australia, no less. A sustainable cloth is one that is derived in an eco-friendly manner and can be recycled throughout the years, which is what vintage hoarders as myself look when when sourcing clothing, and also why I'm presenting to you this sponsored post.

The wool itself it extremely soft, light, and can be used for for all seasons, making it a great canvas to express the art of layering. It's no wonder why designers love to use this fibre in their renowned collections. Margherita Missoni (yes, of THE Missonis) is one of this wool's ambassadors. Obviously she is used to being dressed in top notch quality clothing, so it's quite a statement for her to be such an advocate of Merino Wool's "No Finer Feeling" campaign. The way it drapes the body's contours is effortlessly chic, and often imitated but never duplicated. Its properties are timeless and coveted across the globe. Additionally, it's totally breathable, making it ideal for active wear and baby's first clothing. What can't Merino Wool do?

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