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Vintage cross studded shorts (for sale!), Comme des Garcons Play tee, gifted jacket, gifted creepers

Vintage store hopping while in search for le boy's Halloween costume. He was pretty satisfied with the creepy vintage kid's mask of a pig with a hot pink mohawk. Me? Not so pleased (I'm easily scared.) I love how it was totally coincidence that the signature Comme des Garcons heart on my shirt matched with the hearts that lined my garter tights.

PS The shorts I'm wearing in this post are for sale! Same shop with a new link: http://shop.joellenlove.com



  1. love the shorts and tights!

    xx maggie

  2. love your comme de garcon tees!
    where did you get it? mind telling me? :)


  3. I have those same tights! I'm giving away a ring on my blog!! :) http://missprissheather.blogspot.com/

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