vintage floral dress (for sale), vintage Levi's jacket, split sole lace-ups, vintage D&B purse, DIY headband

The boy and I went flea marketing this past weekend, but I was saving my money for my mom's present so I had to sacrifice snagging one of these vintage Mickey Mouse watches seen below. But mark my word, it will be mine! I loved putting on this vintage floral dress, because it reminded me of the dresses my mom used to force me to wear when I was younger, except with a more mature plunging v-neck and beautiful buttons running all along the spine. Additionally, the pockets proved to be extremely useful!

Mickey Mouse Watches
Catching dreams

I also added this amazing vintage navy blazer to my shop! It fits all sizes, depending on how you like your blazers to fit. While channeling a flight stewardess look, I evened out shorter biking shorts with more coverage on the top. I also wore this to the pool party in the previous post, but the lighting was less than flattering (trust me on this one, haha). I'm also wearing American Apparel's nail lacquer in Echo Park, which I'll be giving away with two other shades later today, so check back!