Valentine's Day v1


Vintage silk blouse, thrifted shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Polly wedge, AA wool floppy hat


These are from the start of our Valentine's Day weekend, hence my festive shorts. We played a REALLY fun gig at The Drop in LA; photos will be posted by Chris sometime soon. I just bought this hat with an American Apparel gift card I had from Christmas. I was trying to decide whether I wanted brown or black, so I figured the latter was more sensible in terms of practicality. The next morning Chris and I went shopping for each other for Valentine's Day: the hunt for my Betsey Johnson watch was on! Unfortunately only a few awfully gaudy ones were left for half price, and it was evident why. I was bummed, but I ended getting something better: a shopping spree! Basically he sat in the corner texting while I pranced around picking out whatever. I'm so lucky! n_n Not to say I didn't get him an amazing present in return, but you'll see that in my following Valentine's Day post from the actual day.

Additionally, the following photos are of another Christmas present that I finally utilized: a DIY paint-it-yourself Hello Kitty bank! This was so much fun, and I finally got to use my Hello Kitty apron/smock. I brainstormed Hello Gaga styles and ideas for ~gawthic~ Kitty but I decided to just put her in something simple and cute, and something I'd totally rock haha. Notice the double-finger cross ring I gave her and her ballet flats identical to mine!




  1. Adore those shorts!

  2. Those shorts are beyond cute, what a sick thrift find? You have to spill the beans about a couple of the stores you shop at.. looks like I need to do an LA thrift shopping trip soon haha

    PS, a shopping spree? He's a keeper ;D

  3. Lovely outfit! I really love those shorts and you can never go wrong with a floppy hat! Too bad they look awkward on top of my head, poop! I love your little hipster hello kitty haha it's so cute! And you're such a lucky girl, I'd kill for a shopping spree right about now!


  4. niceness. both you and kitty are so adorable.


  5. Your style is so so cute!!! I love the high socks I've seen in your posts. Your first post is really beautiful but I couldnt comment on it for some reason.

    It is unique too. I am glad I found your blog! I am going to follow. Here is mine http://stephaniejoellelouise.blogspot.com. Hope you like it and would like to follow me too :-)

  6. I love your looks! they are all so cute! and you look adorable! Great blog too!!I am going to follow x

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