My Purse x My Pencil

Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Daisy by Marc Jacobs

While tutoring my kids, we have picture days, and they always insist that I join them! For which I'm thankful, because after a few days I've reconnected with one of my favorite flow activities (one of the steps to permanently increasing your overall happiness and wellness): drawing! I'm no van Gogh, but at times I feel I'm just as submerged. Anywho, as I was contemplating exactly what I should translate to my drawing paper, I instinctively reached for my purse to replicate random items. Conveniently, a while ago I got some requests to do a "what's in my purse post," so I figured I would execute this via doodles~ enjoy!

MAC x Hello Kitty
MAC Mekkup

1; NARS lipstick in Love Devotion, Rosebud Salve, Essie nail laquer in Mint Candy Apple
2; My new YSL lipstick in 19 Frivolous Pink! I adore it. It's extremely creamy, yet looks very matte, and lasts all day. I have a similar shade by Revlon, but needed a better quality version. I couldn't be more pleased n_n
3; MAC x Hello Kitty blush
4; Jane Be Pure Mineral Gel eyeliner--from experience, this works just as great aa MAC Fluidline and Stila Smudge Pot!--angled brush, MAC lipstick in Morange, MAC eyeshadow in Carbon
5; Powder, blush, and eyeshadow blender brush; falsies from an Asian mart, DUO lash glue
6; Black AA shiny denim coin purse & Hello Kitty pen
7; Assigned reading, Post-Its for annotating (no seriously, if I don't have these with me, I flip out!), iPod Shuffle

I think think only things I've left out are my cell phone and gum. Which are inexcusably uninteresting.



  1. what a great way to show us "what's in your bag," and I loove to draw too..it's like the best way to relax and just chill. I've been so busy lately I haven't really had the chance to go back into drawing again..you're inspired me :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  2. brilliant pictures and a totally new interesting spin on the normal way this topics blogged about. Loved it!

  3. they r pretty good. i kinda miss ur header tho :.(


  4. beautiful ;)great blog...
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  5. These are your doodles?! Wow. I'm awed. :) My doodles are stick figures that look like second graders drew them. Hehe. You are really talented and I love that you chose to draw what is in your purse. It is such a unique idea! :)

  6. Your drawings are so amazing!!!!!

  7. I want the YSL lipstick too, so pretty.

  8. Wow your drawings amazing! I totally like the style of your sketches, love love love!


  9. This makes me want to go sketch something! Although I'm sure it wouldn't come out this good...


  10. Your drawings are adorable. I get what you mean about enjoying drawing, I usually sketch if I'm stressed.

    I've got a little bird I drew on my blog.




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