F21 blouse, AA petticoat, vintage Guess purse, Dolce Vita lace-up wedges (thx C!), Tarina Tarantino Pink Head necklace

Chris and Duy Decimal, who I faintly remember saying I was gonna trick people & tell was Vinh Luvtek.

New Year's Eve was a blast, the event was super ghetto yet conversely legit: that optimal balance. I saw faces that I've missed dearly, and I was really happy to spend a portion of the evening with my two favorite people without witnessing WWIII. This year has started extremely productively, and I can't wait for the rest!

Photos by Cameron McCool and Glamer1


  1. that first picture is especially beautiful, especially the pink necklace. Love it and want it :) xx

  2. I adore that skirt! I love how flouncy it is. And your makeup is stunning.

  3. love the photos ! & you look super cool, makeup and everything.

  4. lol thanks so much !
    Love the cute and rock combo !
    You're rocking it cutie

  5. OMG those lace-up wedges are SOO rockin' and sweet at the same time. Totally your style. Happy new year!! <3

  6. the AA Petticoat looks amazing on you!! and of course I take your comment as a huuge compliment :) bc really, I've always looked to your style as inspiration. thanks lovely <3.

    <3, Kathleen.

  7. love that skirt <3 ~*

    you are on my favorite blogs section. noonebelongshere.blogspot.com

  8. Aw Kathleen that is so flattering! LOVE your blog xo

  9. Just checked it out, ty DeadSouls! xoxo

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