So ask me, ask me, ask me

(Mom's) vintage blouse, Silence & Noise cardigan, AA interlock skirt, vintage Dior purse, Lace-up booties

The man behind the camera

Last week I had my second interview with the district manager of Crossroads Trading Co. These two interviews were the most extensive ones I have ever endured! The pressure was definitely on. After an hour of thorough questioning, I had to go through a barrel of clothes, choose whether I would buy them from a customer or not (it's a high-end second-hand retailer), and to the ones I would buy, I had to say why and give a price. But that's not all! Following this, I had to take a spelling and math test, and although it was a breeze, this style of selection was just very new to me. The second interview was a lot more relaxed, but my knowledge of designers and brands was put on the spot. I'm familiar with the main players and a few of my favorites, but as you may know, I frankly dgaf from what season my pieces originated, and I'd pick up a good Palahniuk novel over Italian Vogue any day.

This would be my second job, though, after my tutoring gig I just picked up! It offers amazing pay, and personally, tutoring children is extremely rewarding to me. It's private tutoring as I make all the goals and lesson plans, but I am more than ecstatic!

Aaand, my new favorite blush! Hello Kitty x MAC from Caylen for my birthday. It's a more Barbie-pink than my staple NARS Crazed blush (which was discontinued.. NO!) but I love it just as much.

Hello Kitty x MAC