Shoe Shopping w Baby


Thrifted Tommy sweater, (Mother's) vintage button-up, high-waisted leggings, UO trapper hat & suede wedges

Faux Suede Wedges

On Monday Ashley and I messed around with some backdrops and lighting, and she modeled some new items that will be on my blog shop a little after Christmas! We rummaged through a box of jewelry that had been damaged out and was to be "destroyed" (and I quote the box's instructions) which was especially exciting to her because she custom makes her own jewelry! One man's trash is another man's treasure, to the utmost extent. Tuesday I went shoe shopping with bby Sophie, and I loved these wedges I came about. Basically a cheaper UO version of Jeffrey Campbell's suede lace-up wedge, however I prefer the former anyways because it's faux suede, what you can expect for the price. Hopefully Santa *hint hint wink wink* gets me these in size 7.



  1. love those shoes!


  2. love that outfit! id wear that in a heartbeat.


  3. wooow! Lovely blog :)

  4. As I've said before, you are alexa chungs double!

    I love your blog, and I'm now following!
    Feel free to take a look at mine also, I'd very much appreciate it!

    Victoria x

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