Ba Humbug! No, that's too strong

AA leotard; denim vest, belt, purse, & sheer maxi skirt all vintage, Deena & Ozzy boots

Mother made enchiladas (my favorite) for the Christmas party we attended, which always provides predominately Filipino dishes, something I just don't eat. How thoughtful! Christmas Eve was full of presents, while the actual day itself was fairly quiet. My birthday and Christmas presents courtesy of my parents always take the same pattern: I wake up and my dad says, "Your present is already in your bank account." Haha, thanks Pops.

Aaand, the winner of my giveaway will be announced in a few days along with more items on my shop!


I'm dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Christmas favorites!
Tarina Tarantino Pink Head Lolita necklace, Jeffrey Campbell Polly wedge, Betsey Johnson tights, American Apparel high waist corduroy shorts, MAC lipstick, Miu Miu socks


CHUbaca <3
CHUbaka ♥

Nixon Time Teller
MY present I gave! Nixon Time Teller


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday


Rain, rain, go away



Speed & Obesity t-shirt dress, AA interlock skirt, Hello Kitty tights, vintage denim vest, Urban Renewal bow, wig ;o)

Anxiety-ridden Mickey artwork


Just a night of relaxation after finals/playing at the Commissary in Costa Mesa with Rosie and Blur/Carlos. This was in the middle of Southern Cali's rain streak, as you can tell by everyone's hair, except mine, of course.

Anways, I'm making this brief because I have presents to wrap, but don't forget to check out my giveaway that ends on the 27th, and all the accessories I've added to the blog shop. I'll have clothes up for sale in about a week!

Merry Christmas Eve!


Christmas Giveaway!

In October I hosted a successful giveaway, and I was given the chance to offer an additional one, which I've strategically been waiting to save for a Chistmas/holiday gift to my lovely followers and readers! CSN Stores is the parent company/website to over 200 sites offering over thousands of products that cater to everyone's needs, even pets! The winner of the giveaway will get a $35 gift card to any of these sites! Since I've been looking for a new laptop case, I have my eye on their leather messenger bags. I've utilized their search bar to simultaneously browse through all 200+ sites, and found these items, which I now absolutely NEED!

Hello Kitty 1875 Watt Electric Pink Hair Dryer

Hello Kitty White iPod Speakers

Hello Kitty Pink Popcorn Maker

Hello Kitty Pink Bling Wireless Mouse with Pink RF Receiver

  • Open to US and Canada residents only.
  • Simply comment with your name and email address and you're entered!
  • You do not need a blogger account to comment! You can choose anonymous, just don't forget to leave your info.
  • To insure there is no foul play, I'll be using Random.org's Blog and Business feature to select a truly random winner.

Increase your chances!

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Giveaway closes on December 27 at midnight PST. Good luck!

Lastly, I've posted a bunch of new items on my closet shop!

So ask me, ask me, ask me

(Mom's) vintage blouse, Silence & Noise cardigan, AA interlock skirt, vintage Dior purse, Lace-up booties

The man behind the camera

Last week I had my second interview with the district manager of Crossroads Trading Co. These two interviews were the most extensive ones I have ever endured! The pressure was definitely on. After an hour of thorough questioning, I had to go through a barrel of clothes, choose whether I would buy them from a customer or not (it's a high-end second-hand retailer), and to the ones I would buy, I had to say why and give a price. But that's not all! Following this, I had to take a spelling and math test, and although it was a breeze, this style of selection was just very new to me. The second interview was a lot more relaxed, but my knowledge of designers and brands was put on the spot. I'm familiar with the main players and a few of my favorites, but as you may know, I frankly dgaf from what season my pieces originated, and I'd pick up a good Palahniuk novel over Italian Vogue any day.

This would be my second job, though, after my tutoring gig I just picked up! It offers amazing pay, and personally, tutoring children is extremely rewarding to me. It's private tutoring as I make all the goals and lesson plans, but I am more than ecstatic!

Aaand, my new favorite blush! Hello Kitty x MAC from Caylen for my birthday. It's a more Barbie-pink than my staple NARS Crazed blush (which was discontinued.. NO!) but I love it just as much.

Hello Kitty x MAC



Shoe Shopping w Baby


Thrifted Tommy sweater, (Mother's) vintage button-up, high-waisted leggings, UO trapper hat & suede wedges

Faux Suede Wedges

On Monday Ashley and I messed around with some backdrops and lighting, and she modeled some new items that will be on my blog shop a little after Christmas! We rummaged through a box of jewelry that had been damaged out and was to be "destroyed" (and I quote the box's instructions) which was especially exciting to her because she custom makes her own jewelry! One man's trash is another man's treasure, to the utmost extent. Tuesday I went shoe shopping with bby Sophie, and I loved these wedges I came about. Basically a cheaper UO version of Jeffrey Campbell's suede lace-up wedge, however I prefer the former anyways because it's faux suede, what you can expect for the price. Hopefully Santa *hint hint wink wink* gets me these in size 7.



Adios Blue

The man behind the camera

Finals are this coming week so I'm keeping this brief! This and the previous post are from part of my birthday weekend, with one last batch to come once Caylen gets her film developed! Stay tuned from Christmas festivities and my giveaway! I'd also like to share about my new tutoring job but I'll save that for later.



Early birthday dinner at Mimi's Cafe.