Sanrio Small Gift Carnival in Santa Monica

Oh don't we look so happy!

Sanrio Art Gallery
Sanrio Art Gallery
Sanrio Art Gallery

Hello Kitty
Sanrio Shoes Doc Martens
Sanrio Art Gallery

We went to Sanrio's Small Gift Carnival in Santa Monica, well because by now I shouldn't have to explain my secret obsession with a certain wonderful kitty. There was so much to do, and I'm glad we arrived early to semi-avoid outrageous lines. The art gallery was more than amazing, and unfortunately the line to enter the pop-up store snaked around the entirety of the airport hangar in which our adventure took place. The carnival games were not unexpectantly aimed for a much younger audience, but we took full advantage. Here's a short clip of me about to win it big, Price Is Right style. Afterward we stopped by the Promenade; before adjourning for dinner I had to drag everyone in for cupcakes and the Vanilla Bake Shop. Three Baby Cupcakes, but taste-wise, don't let the name fool you! Absolutely more pleasing to the taste than to the eye, which is quite a statement to make. As much as I would like to, I won't bombard your internet browsers with our lot of photos, so for more views of the Art Gallery & beyond, they can always be found on my Flickr.

And before I go, I just wanted to mention that Heartsrevolution featured my Halloween costume on their website! It's nothing big, but I was flattered to have the person I was dressed as praise my ensemble.



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