Girl Scout's Honor

Vintage silk button-up, Goodwill cardigan, vintage Girl Scout's skirt from when I was a Brownie, heather thigh-highs, Deena & Ozzy boots

Le Bij Bar Ring
New Le Bij bar ring n_n



  1. i totally love your oufit!
    it's soooo lovely :)
    and your hair is awesome,too!

    i'm following you. can you follow me back? :)

    xxx Hanna

  2. oh, and how do you take your photos?
    does anyone take them for you or do you use a tripod?
    i'm asking because they are all so lovely pictures :)

  3. gorgeous :) what is the nail varnish?

  4. I'm envious that your hair looks different ALL THE TIME. I'm always too lazy to do anything to my hair.

    The umbrella adds to the sweetness of the outfit. You are quite an angel!

  5. I love your umbrella! It's so amazing looking.

  6. Love the outfit...the socks and boots looks very lovely!


  7. awww its so cute!


  8. I love this outfit! These pictures are too cute.

    KF x

  9. so so cute! love these pictures! :)


  10. you are super cool! love the outfit! lovely!

    now I'm following your blog..


  11. This is such a badass/sweet outfit. And that ring is siiiick!

  12. I love your cute style and blog!xoxo

  13. Awee, your comment makes us so happy!
    We're sorry for the late answer, busy with school and stuff..
    And we'll update our blog very soon! we promise! :)

    your pics are so cute!

    Take a peek, again! our first blog :)

    Hope you will enjoy it!

    Best regards from Sweden!

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