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Well I'd love to be able to say I have a post in queue, however I've been reduced to the dependence of crutches after seeing Ratatat in my last post, go figure. Don't get me wrong, it was an amazing time regardless! I'm perfectly fine with no breaks or fractures, and being driven around everywhere & having things brought to me is nothing to complain about, but I cannot say the same for hobbling around and altering plans I can no longer attend. (There goes seeing Atari Teenage Riot! Standing for longer than a few seconds without the crutches is quite the task). Crutches aren't exactly a recognized accessory for outfit posts, and standing on one leg looks a lot sillier than it sounds (if that were possible), but I assure you I can conjure up a post for this weekend! And on the plus side, I just found out my online discount for UO still works even after quitting over a month ago!




Some t-shirt dress I chopped up, Goodwill shorts, F21 thigh-highs, Kimchi Blue purse, F21 oxford heels, UO boyfriend blazer

Lucky keeps me company :o)
For Sale! shopjoellenlove.blogspot.com
New oxford heels on sale on my closet shop! Love 'em but they're 2 sizes too big

Yesterday after eating this delicious homemade veggie roll Caylen made, we headed over to the Fox Theater in Pomona to see Ratatat. Amazing show! I couldn't bring my camera inside but more photos not taken by me will come soon.




Goodwill cardigan, blouse & purse from Mother's closet, Kimchi Blue oxfords, AA acid wash shorts

We visited the Santa Ana zoo for a bit, I loved seeing the animals but compared to most zoos, it was quite depressing to see all my friends caged up. Afterward, I did some Goodwill hunting and came upon great finds--I'll be posting on these later!

PS; A bunch of new items have been added to my online Closet Shop! Do check it out :o)

Bby frogs
"Look like an explorer!"
"Dress yourself as an explorer!"
I wanted to try on those boots but I didn't want athlete's foot


A few of my favorite things

Dolce Vita


Merlot, Cay's new Dolce Vita wedges and nail color, frozen yogurt with fruit from home



Lemme get my boots back on

Vintage Ralph Lauren Polo flannel, Levi's shorts, shimmer ankle socks, Deena & Ozzy booties, vintage purse from Mother's closet



Tomorrow, tomorrow

I've been really sick since Thursday (103-104 degree F fever!) but I will have an outfit post tomorrow~ Until then, besides my shared twitter I've made my own, so follow if you've got one! :o)




A lot of fun, all via Caylen who was fortunate enough to get a press pass for FYF Fest. Thanks, Cay!

Homegirl's shirt, Levi's shorts, woven satchel, Deena & Ozzy harness boots

Stay tuned to her Wild Hearts Blog for performance shots.



mata ng Isda

Fisheye camera, 800 speed lomo film. Taken over the last 9 months (no kidding! since Dec.)



Color filter flash

Holla atcha handstand
He's doing a handstand!

AGLI food

Who's that
Saved from the unrelenting British men... Déjà vu? (Saintskiez, if you're reading this you're laughing right now)