Mah Goodies

Wish wun

I've been going a little crazy lately buying things; I feel like I'm relapsing from my reoccurring Oniomania that I've been working on (see: no. 3 of my resolutions here), but I can only hope that as of now I've got it under control. I thought I'd share my favorite trinkets, and outfit posts of new said material will be in order. Stay tuned!

Ghey A
After trying my five favorite candidates, Summer Peach prevailed.

Essie in Licorice (I'll be selling a brand new Mini How High on my online shop this week!)

Mia travel straightening iron I mentioned in the previous post. I've grown to love this! Its so effective and extremely useful.

I like BJs
Betsey Johnson thigh-highs ~dr00ls~

And of course with my nasty habit comes a huge setback: credit card bills! There's only so many school expenses I can feign to the parental units for support. Therefore, I have a LOT of items that are going to be added to my closet shop--a bunch of INSANELY cheap items for clearance ($2-3!), and then a bunch of really cute shit + tons of headbands for still, reasonably cheap. Including these babies below!

Up soon on shopjoellenlove.blogspot.com


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