Calling All Creeps

I haven't been able to upload any of my photos because I've passed my monthly limit on flickr, and I've found it's the only site that doesn't butcher the quality. I upload raw images because I don't have any sort of editor or program to resize. But there's a whole grip of photos once the first of the month rolls around! Preview above.

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Bedroom Talk


Welcome to my room! I've been meaning to do a bedroom post, and I've finally lived up to it. My room is pretty eclectic, with only minor common themes. I really wish I could've painted my walls, but I knew I wouldn't be occupying this room for a prolonged period, and from experience my arms get REALLY tired. Enjoy!

Instead of having stacks of Vogues, I have Palahniuk and math books lol

B&W wall
One attempt at a photo wall (b&w/Polaroids) My TV is rarely on, except for Law & Order: SVU. Guess of whom my sketch is!

Music corner
Music corner, where I practice keyboard

Like a record, baby
My record player, plus teeny-bopper spread of James Franco circa 2006

Inside, lomo and polaroid cameras

The Wall

Now, the bathroom!

The bathroom
Makeup Box
Eyeshadows and makeup tools
Lipsticks and blushes
My favorite drawer, ALL headbands! Which btw, I will be selling a ton of these for cheapskiez on my online shop, so stay tuned!

Hello Kitty makes the digits less disappointing!

And lastly, my beloved closet! I've done a previous closet post before, but it was a while back and the photos were of pretty horrible quality.

Front view
Coats, scarves, & shoes

Right side
I have numerous attempts in my room of wall photo displays, but no matter how updated I try to keep them, photos always just pile up.


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These film shots are by Cameron McCool, the rest of his roll turned out really well. I prefer analog over digital any day, which I've preached about numerous times--but I hate how my financial situation (or lack thereof) holds me back from embracing those sweet 35 millimeters! We played this day.

And before I continue, I put up a new header (same photographer as the previous header), and I've added six more items to JLove's Closet Shop! I'm getting rid of all my new & used AA items. More to come soon!


Vegan wontons
Vegan wontons

Soy & veggie BBQ steak burger + swt potato fries
Soy & veggie chicken burger
Soy & veggie chicken burger

Cousin Alexis :o)


Went to The Loving Hut for the first time, which is walking distance from my house! Amazing vegan food, I'll definitely be visiting again soon.


C & S
Boyy & Saint

Cammie McPuppy

Last but not least, we played Mode7 in LA. It was pretty fun, most of which was spent outside with friends. Inebriation kind of took over at some point, but I'm thankful to have had great company.

PS I'm sorry that I haven't been commenting much, but as you all know I always respond or return the ones received ♥



This bedroom is flawless... If I ever live with a boy, he's just going to have to deal with "Jiggleypuff-pink" walls.

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Xplosive, West Coast sh!t

Hope everyone had a festive and safe Fourth of July here in the states!

Silence & Noise lace leotard, Goodwill Cardi, AA legging, Goodwill purse

Fourth of July with the G's after work. BUT, before you leave, check out my new online store! JLove's Closet Shop. I really hate Ebay fees and I thought it was only fair to give my blog readers first dibs on everything! It's harder for me because I hold sentimental value to my clothes, but I'm getting older and my bills aren't going to pay themselves! So stop by often, I've posted the link on the sidebar under "More of JLove" for future reference. xo


The bungelow
The bungalow

Weekend photos

Cold shoulda

Grocery with Cay, via our transportation of choice

H&M dress horribly cut by me, Goodwill cardi, UO socks, Kimchi Blue Oxford