Summertime Clothes

Rip off your sleeves and I'll ditch my socks

I took advantage of my employee discount and did some summer shopping online; I can't wait until the delivery man comes to my door! Fortunately, most of my shopping has been at Goodwill and second-hand stores, but those will be posted at a later date, upon their reconstruction by yours truly.



True blud


Last Tuesday we attended Dance in LA because Chris wanted to see D.I.M. (producer/DJ who taught Boys Noize engineering/producing when he was just 16.) Deathface also played, who fuses electro and hardcore, and has notoriously "bloody" performances. During said set, things got rowdy, however all in good fun, haha. I wish I had taken more photos but my hands were a bit dirty!

This dude was crazy

Whoever ends up waking up to this beautiful face every morning is a very lucky gal

Silence & Noise mesh bodysuit, AA cotton pencil skirt, vintage denim vest
J & J love

It was a very... loving night

C & J love
Before washing off
Before washing off my blood... which was sprawled across my face by a stranger's heavy hand, chanting, "MORE BLOOD, MORE BLOOD"

Loving the sidebewb

The best photo I could squeeze out of Chris



Bubblegum Pink

Really old shirt I found in my closet, AA acid wash denim runner shorts, purse from Goodwill, ballet flats, new bubblegum pink lipstick

Not much time on my hands at the moment, not to mention as of late, but here are some favs & randoms from Matinee this past Friday. Busy busy weekdays AND weekends! My much talked about math summer class is almost over, so I'll be able to squeeze in leisurely bike rides on my sparkly pink beach cruiser (who would've guessed?) that are so characteristic of summer for me. More photo posts on deck! And if you have the chance, add me on twitter! It's fairly new but I think I've gotten the hang of the whole twitter colloquialism.

(Photos via CxC photos & And! photography, respectively)

My hair was outta control that night!


Haha, gotta love my shirt, courtesy of CammieMcCool. And is anyone else going to Electric Daisy Carnival in LA? It's a pretty good time, and free tickets feel soo good♥

Hummus-filled pita topped with homemade guacamole & sliced mangos with a side of dairy-free homemade mango sorbet



Summer Lovin'

There's no denying that summer is officially around the bend here in Southern California. Digging through really old clothes and hand-me-downs, I've found some old kiddie swim-suits (think: 10-15 yr. old ones) that are pretty juvenile-looking, but paired with cut-off shorts are appropriate for this weather--which is getting hotter every summer, no matter how much some deny it! Political views aside, they're my fav. for this season.

Sorry needa shave haha >< My baby, Spencer
One (of my two) big ol' babies, Spencer

The following are from a mini barbecue my good friend Rosie had at her place, and thankfully it was vegetarian/vegan-friendly. I am a complete dunce when it comes to culinary skills, consequently restricting me to offering an extra hand with chopping.

Teh b0iis
Feelin it bro
"Feelin' it bro"

Shawty glass

To say the following weekends to come are busy is an understatement! So come back soon



Birthday Fun

Catch us if you can!

On Tuesday, Caylen, Paul Tran and I went to the Echo in LA to see Indian Jewelry, Best Coast, and Health play. This was in pre-celebration for her birthday the following day! It was a really good time.


Hot & bothered, I mean sweaty, afterward from doing the xmoshx

Ring Popz

Hardcore fans will recognize In-n-Out's tiled floors and red seats

Paul Tran

And, my first & only (for a long while) tattoo! I try to stray away from cursing in my blog but this Sh!t hurt like a betch!! It was a gift from Boyy, and originality was never an issue with this particular tattoo idea--I've honestly loved this little kitty since before I could put together rational sentences!

Fewt ink
Do any of you have tattoos? Which are your favorite?



H8 M47H

Apologies for my lack of posts & delay with commenting back; my summer calc. class really has me by the throat. Information overload to the utmost respect! The good thing about that, though, is that is will all be over soon. For now, photos from some weeks ago, newer ones up soon.

"I luv you but I've chosen death metal."

Hope everyone's enjoying the weather!


Happy 1 Year

F21 shorts, Mother's blouse & tights, Kimchi Blue Oxfords, Goodwill cardi, Pins & Needles hat

Quickie outfit post +some of my favs from this weekend. We played at Matinee, which was a great time as always. Reality check that I need more practice! Designer Drugs played for the year anniversary, and Destructo will be playing on the 18th! Furthermore, the comeback of The Heist at the Avalon will be in our near future, so for my lovely LA readers, stayed tuned for details :o)

(All photos by CxC Photos unless specified otherwise)

The homegirls

Getting ready to play


Designer Drugs

Us being silly