Shirt: Buffalo Exchange, Belt+tights+shoes: UO, Skirt: Sissy

My weekend in Pittsburgh post! There are a lot more photos, therefor if you are so inclined, my PA photo collection can be found here.

Short clip of the takeoff

View from the hotel x Postcards from the gift shop (see: Andy & John Lennon)

We went to the Andy Warhol Museum, which is pretty prized in Pittsburgh considering he grew up there and went to the same school my sister graduated from. Photography was not permitted but there was no way I could let you guys down ;o) It totaled seven floors of pop art, avant-garde goodness. Keep in mind, all the artwork are -originals!- (A piece inside entitled Eight Elvises sold for $100 million!)

Andy & Edie

An entire room filled w giant projectors of numerous of his films

Sissy in the replica room of Warhol's Factory

His "Time Capsules"

Even the elevator in the parking structure was tasteful!

Next was Phipps Conservatory, filled with gorgeous orchids, butterflies, and floral displays.

The butterflies let us get so close to them, one even flew on my auntie's leg!

Dinner was at McCormick's & Schmidt's

And finally, Sissy's graduation from Carnegie Mellon! She was the student speaker :o)

Cardi & tights: Sissy, Dress: H&M and I cut the bottom

Reception: free alcohol! Set these aside for myself ;o)

In conclusion, here are a few shots from her beautiful home. Too bad she's moving out in a month!

First you have to go upstairs from the front door, which is adjacent to a bunch of cute little shops

Now? Back home :o)

If I go to heaven,
I'll be bored as hell



  1. Wow! What an epic post! I'd love to visit the Andy Warhol Museum one day. An exhibition of his works came to my town a few years ago (I think it was the largest Andy Warhol exhibit in the Southern Hemisphere, but don't quote me on that) and I loved it. So much so that I bought a season pass haha.

  2. love the title of this post and the dress you wore to dinner. nice to have been in the warhol exhibit.

    you take great photographs!

  3. Wow-The Andy Warhol Museum and CM :-) I almost applied to Carnegie Mellon for their art program. It was one of the only universities with fine arts that I was interested in...I ended up going to a regular art school anyway but I've heard great things. Congrats to the graduate and I love your style =) xoxo

  4. Love your two outfits! The flowers are so pretty!

  5. oh my boyfriend went to see this and unfortunately i wasn't able to go.. so thank you for sharing! it would have been so much fun! im super jealous! hope you had a good trip though! and great photos! xoxo

    please follow my blog, as i am following yours. thank you kindly =)

  6. congrats to your sister! carnegie mellon is so pretty, and Pittsburgh is such a great city. Looks like you had a blast :)

  7. the museum looks awesome and the conservatory is beautiful!

  8. Wow what an event! You got some seriously awesome tourist stuff in while visiting your sister. Great photos. Congrats to your sister!

  9. omg the elevator buttons are too much...love it

  10. Wow, I love everything about this post!
    You alwaysss dress so cutely.
    PA sounds like a lot of fun, I want to see the conservatory! Hopefully I'll get to visit one day.

  11. the pictures are STUNNING!
    Love your outfit!

    FOllOWING =]


  12. I love both your outfits, but that second one is amaaaaaaaze! i love it a lot!
    + that desert looks yummyyyyyy :D

    Check out my GIVEAWAY! YSL manicure + Lancome makeup

  13. OHMYGOD. I would die to go to the pop arm museum!!! Major jealousy. Of course I love Andy Warhol.. but I've been quite obsessed with Edie Sedgwick since I was in high school and I saw they had a few photos of her in there too. Def putting this place on my to do list.

  14. Love both of your outfits...both in the garden and at your sister's graduation. I've never been to Pittsburg before, but seeing all your pictures makes me very interested.

  15. Your outfits are lovely, especially the second one. :) And these photos are awesome! I used to live near Pittsburg but never went to the Andy Warhol museum. For shame! It looks FAB! xo

  16. I love this post, especially your outfit to your sister's graduation. It sounds like a great experience, I never even thought about Pittsburgh before in my life and now I kind of want to visit, minus the butterflies, I'm deathly afraid.

  17. Such a lovely garden!

    And your dessert looks sooooo deelish!!!

  18. Amazing post! Also i reallyy like your shoes, they seem to make the outfit look perfect. :)


  19. tHE Garden looks beautiful... and btw the camera u have takes really nice and clear pictures!!!!! what kind is it?


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