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Weekend photos + outfit post + more from the shoot up soon--until then, enjoy (I know you guys will)



Behind the shewt!

Shot some (unfinished) promos with Cameron McCool, (to whom these photos are credited) so here's a behind-the-scenes-esque post until they're done.

Boyy shaved the side of his head! Clippers and a bottle of wine later:

Left: me, right: CMc shaving Chris' head

My mess ;oP

And to celebrate the end of finals, Pops bought me (well, funded me) these two beauts! They look wonderful layered; I'll post how it looks on a later post.

NARS lipstick in Love Devotion and MAC Lipglass in Lychee Luxe




Shirt: Buffalo Exchange, Belt+tights+shoes: UO, Skirt: Sissy

My weekend in Pittsburgh post! There are a lot more photos, therefor if you are so inclined, my PA photo collection can be found here.

Short clip of the takeoff

View from the hotel x Postcards from the gift shop (see: Andy & John Lennon)

We went to the Andy Warhol Museum, which is pretty prized in Pittsburgh considering he grew up there and went to the same school my sister graduated from. Photography was not permitted but there was no way I could let you guys down ;o) It totaled seven floors of pop art, avant-garde goodness. Keep in mind, all the artwork are -originals!- (A piece inside entitled Eight Elvises sold for $100 million!)

Andy & Edie

An entire room filled w giant projectors of numerous of his films

Sissy in the replica room of Warhol's Factory

His "Time Capsules"

Even the elevator in the parking structure was tasteful!

Next was Phipps Conservatory, filled with gorgeous orchids, butterflies, and floral displays.

The butterflies let us get so close to them, one even flew on my auntie's leg!

Dinner was at McCormick's & Schmidt's

And finally, Sissy's graduation from Carnegie Mellon! She was the student speaker :o)

Cardi & tights: Sissy, Dress: H&M and I cut the bottom

Reception: free alcohol! Set these aside for myself ;o)

In conclusion, here are a few shots from her beautiful home. Too bad she's moving out in a month!

First you have to go upstairs from the front door, which is adjacent to a bunch of cute little shops

Now? Back home :o)

If I go to heaven,
I'll be bored as hell



Q & A in PA

I am currently in Pittsburgh, PA for my sister's graduation from graduate school at Carnegie Mellon (she needs to chill, she's making me look bad!) and it's been a great time so far! Her home is adorable, so I'm staying the night here before going back to the hotel for the remainder of my visit. I absent minded-ly forgot my camera cord at Boyy's house, so a gigator (for lack of better terms) PA post will be up in due time. In lieu of my photos trapped in my camera, I figured to answer the most common questions I've gotten!

Are those actual ballet flats? Where did you get them?
Yes they are, and you can get them at any dance supply store. Note: They average about 20 bucks a pop, and with care, can last about a year.

I was wondering how you do those collages, such as the one you posted on 3.31.2010?
I get this one often, I wanted to keep it a bit ambiguous but I'll give it away: good ol' MS paint, and the even older scissors & glue.

how do you do your makeup? like in this photo? & what kind of eyeliner do you use? liquid or pencil?
I have the same routine most every wkend (I'm too lazy to wear makeup on weekdays haha). CG loose powder (I never ever wear liquid makeup), Nars blush in Crazed, Estee Lauder mascara on top & bottom lashes. For eyeliner I use an angled pencil and MAC eyeshadow in Black Tied on bottom, and liquid drug store brand on top. I will be switching back to Stila smudgepot for the top because it's easier and gives the same effect, but I've also heard great things about MAC's fluidline.

wheeere do you get all your bow headbands {from previous posts}? so cute!
A lot of them are from UO over the past two years, I wait for employee appreciation and get them dirt cheap. The rest I've braided or glued myself (like here), it's easy!

how long have you been a vegetarian for?
I stopped eating red meat & pork in 7th grade and stopped eating chicken mid-high school.

May I ask what your ethnicity is?
My mother is Filipina and my pops is Filipino, white, & Spanish.

this is a weird question but how tall are you?
Not weird at all, 5'5"

what type of film camera do you use? (holga/vintage slr?)
Diana+ Mini

where did you get these tights! i need them in my life!
UO in Oct. for my Lady Gaga costume, however much to my dismay, they are discontinued :'o(

Where did you get that silver ring in your blog? and can I buy it from you!
I got it from Banana Republic, it was one of the last ones! I'm a size 5 and this was a 7, so you can imagine how much re-sculpting I had to do. Trust, you wouldn't want it!

As for me right now, I'm having a delish bby spinach salad w strawberries, but I'm turning in early (not really, it's 3:45am here but I'm stuck on PST) for a long day tomorrow, including the Andy Warhol Museum!



Gost x Art Walk

A few Saturdays ago Joellen & I went out to the Santa Ana Art Walk which takes place once a month in the heart of the city. We specifically came out to support our friend Arlo Eisenberg. Now for the back story, I know Arlo because we rollerblade (Yes people still rollerblade). Arlo Eisenberg is the Tony Hawk of Rollerblading except Tony Hawk is lame, so he's more like rollerblading's Christian Hosoi minus the drugs & jail stint. The man is a legend & one of the nicest guys I've ever known. His credits include being the lead designer for Paul Frank to now owning/running his own clothing company "Gost" of which Joellen & I are huge supporters. With all this in mind you could see why we weren't shocked when we arrived at the gallery to find ourselves surrounded by amazing art. We bumped into a lot of old friends & even met some other legendary rollerbladers, overall making it an amazing night!

You should all check out Gost Brand's website here

Chewbacca & Darth Vader!

Mykal from FakeRich.com

Mischa the dog ;)

"Quitters Never Lose"

These pillows are amazing! Created by Andrew Sebastian, you can buy them here!

Randy Spizer aka Roadhouse, Rollerblading Legend!

Bromance moment with Arlo haha