If you don't use Advantage scratch your ears

This post is somewhat overdue, however better late than never! Flea market hopping in LA on a scorching yet beautiful early day, because frankly that’s all I could afford (the dollar piles, more specifically.) I found some goodies, but the highlights were the vintage jewelry I snagged that I could not pass up. My allergies were absolutely NUTS that day, which shouldn't be unexpected in the presense of considerable amounts of vintage (i.e., VERY OLD) wearables.

Random floral strong-shoulder top from Buffalo Exchange, AA Acid wash shorts, old random boots, Vintage Guess purse via Mother

I loved this Vote-4-Pedro look alike prom photo almost more than the old love letter, which I actually sat down and read, much to Boy's dismay.

My favorite vendor above

The boy skated a well-known rail/ledge at a high school on site for a good hour, so I got some R&R in the shade with my pb&j, orange, and camcam (if you haven't yet, you'll notice the annoying yet terribly catchy nicknames I dub for almost anything.)

To those religious or not, Happy Easter/Bunny Day!


  1. You look lovely! I also love flea markets!


  2. Your gorgeous! Girl my jaw dropped when I saw that flea market and that jewelry! If I ever go to Cali you have to show me all the good spots to shop, I don't pay retail for clothing so that looks incredible! I'm following your blog now hun!

  3. Oh and I wanted to ask how did you get that Flickr thing in your side bar? I want one lol.

  4. I've always wanted to go to a flea market. Now i want to more than ever! gr.

    I really like what you're wearing.


  5. I love these! wow, what a fun time. Yes, I love Pedro! Hope your allergies are better.

  6. Crap that flea market is amazing. It's massive!

  7. I think I would have had a heart attack if I ever stepped foot there, this is so amazing and I am so jealous of you! I hope one day I can get to something like that!

    lovelove, M.

  8. How exciting. I went to a flee market in Guadulahara once when I was I kid. I didn't appreciate it enough. it was on 3 levels and quite intersting.

    I so love so many pics you took. Awesome shades.

    Thanks much for the note. Hope you are feeling better, too.

  9. Yay Yay Yay.
    I miss the flea markets in LA so much. Whenever I come home, I try to plan my visits around the Rosebowl or the occasional $1 sale at JetRag.

    Hope you got some gooood stuff!


  10. Happy Easter! Love your outfit and sunglasses in this post. Now that it's warm in NY again I'm looking forward to shopping at street fairs, and sidewalk sales!!!

    I like your blog, I'm a new follower. Please check out my blog as well (and follow you like .. i hope you do)


  11. wow so jealous of all that stuff. you look adorable as always!

  12. Looks like so much fun! I would love to dig through those clothes. & you're right, he looks just like Pedro!

  13. Wow, looks amazing! There aren't any good flea markets on this fish bowl of an island. Fortunately I live close enough to Manhattan to do some shopping there.

    xx, Melissa

  14. I love your outfit for flea market shopping. The flea markets in LA are great, but yes-sometimes I feel the same way afterwards from inhaling all of the dust from the vintage stuff. Great blog!

  15. Ohmygod. This is like my version of heaven hahah. Where in LA was this? Also.. I love that they had the old photos!

  16. Looks so fun! Also I have those shorts or similar ones.

    x Josie

  17. I remember visiting the LA flee markets yearssss ago. The stuff they have is soo affordable and of great quality too.

    I love your boots. Im hunting for something similar to yours but just can't seem to find "the pair" yet!


  18. I love all the Polaroids and all that jewelery looks like heaven! Thanks for the comment on my blog darling, love your blog :)
    xx. Peach Princess ♥

  19. Omg. This looks like heaven! So. many. clothes.
    The pics of the jewellery and polaroids are really beautiful too, I enjoyed those.
    I'm off to find the nearest flea market (though maybe tomorrow considering it's about 10.13pm here haha)!

  20. Oh my - that just looks like an utter mountain of endless fun!

  21. Oh my god!!If I was there,i would buy everything,i love markets like that:)

  22. That flea market looks amazing! I love places with so many great finds that you have to dig and search for!


  23. OMG!!!...Im in heaven...Im jealous that we don't have anything like that where I live...looks like the place would have been full of great finds!...

  24. "Hi dad, i'm at work right now."

  25. wauwwwwww!
    Vintage bomb explosion :D
    I love these pictures, it's heaven!
    great outfit too!
    x Eva

  26. What a perfectly relaxed outfit. I love the guess purse. :] It adds such character.

    OMG LOOK AT THOSE RINGS!!!! I want everything. :]

  27. There's some great stuff on there! I'm jealous! You look nice in the photos too!


  28. I want to go to a flea market soon, these pics just makes the feeling stronger! :D

  29. just found your blog & loving it!
    Im coming to La for the summer. where is the flea market located?
    saludos de Espana


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