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Friday was some sort of Obey party at the Crosby, just met up with friends not seen in a while.

Sunday we got spots on the guest list to a HARD event at the Palladium to see the Bloody Beetroots. I couldn't bring in the camera so the following (sans the first one) are courtesy of Whoopi, again. The girls and I snuck our way into the performers' "Green Room," fun times.

(via Rony's Photobooth)

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Partie Deux

This is my review/recap of the hi-lights of Coachella, performance/artist-wise. If these type of genres aren't your cup of tea, feel free to skip over the text!

F R I D A Y; She & Him was amazing. The band was awesome, Zooey Deschanel was so much more amazing live than her already captivating photos, recordings, and movie scripts depict her. The band, M. Ward, and the backup singers were right along with her. "Thieves" and her encore singing almost only a Capella of "I Put a Spell on You" gave me butterflies.

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap was amazing, she looked absolutely beautiful and her voice is definitely one of a kind. She interacted with the audience, and technical difficulties showed us how genuinely cool she is. I passed out in the front waiting for Fever Ray, so the security carried me like a baby over the fencing. I couldn't walk, but by the time I was alert again, I was leaning against the stage in the VIP section! I could only see the side of the percussionist, but he/she was great and it was interesting experiencing it from that point of view. I made it just in time to see Beyonce sing "Forever Young" during Jay Z's performance, then I finished the night watching the finale of Whitest Boy Alive.

Camera Obscura

S A T U R D A Y; Camera Obscura, wonderful, loved the finale.

Beach House

Beach House was good, but the heat + dehydration forced us to back out of the tent. I did however consume the best (packaged) strawberry lemonade! New staple.

The XX

We got on some huge dudes' shoulders for The XX and Hot Chip--both performances were amazing! Hot Chip really exceeded my expectations, and the crowd was so into it, I couldn't help but be swallowed in all the enthusiasm.

An accidental triple exposure shot, I love this

MGMT was nothing short of amazing, the crowd was INSANE and so diverse! While waiting for them to begin, we chatted with people across the globe, I felt so fortunate Indio is only two hours away from where we live. I made friends with an Argentenian stallion who agreed to help launch me into the crowd to surf it then escape. After ending up at the very front, security failed to notice me dropping in (no pun intended) so I had press pass access for a good five minutes.


Hot Chip--that's me on the lower right on someone's shoulder!

Caylen and I worked our way to the front during David Guetta's set, the crowd was crazy! We cruised calmly through Z-Trip's set, saving our energy for Die Antwoord! (Chris did a really great post about them here.) They were insanely good, it was definitely an act to see. We snuck into VIP/artist area for 2ManyDJs and chilled there for a bit, where we met up with friend and photographer Whoopi, who took these photos.

(via WhoopThis)

S U N D A Y; Paparrazi performed at the Sahara tent and killed it, right before Rusko, who brought upon one of the rowdiest crowds I've been in, and trust me, I've been in rowdy crowds. He was awesome, and his energy was so great. Club 75 was alright, we waited for Xavier who was a no-show. Huge disappointment. I left to get a glimpse of Julian Casablancas, and later saw Gorillaz, really great performance.

Club 75 (via Caylen)

All in all it was a great weekend, and I didn't lose anything! Besides my phone, but that was turned in. Thank you stranger!



Happy Earth Day

AA leotard & skirt, UO hat & shoes, glasses & necklace--really old

Happy Earth Day! I didn't do much for the environment today, but I didn't do much of anything for I am sick, yet again. I apologize for my constant bickering of my illnesses but for some reason they always seem to strike me. This is also why a full Coachella post is still in the process--I'm way too weak (lazy, actually haha) to scan roll number one, and as for roll number two, CVS is trying to charge me 10 bucks for processing they didn't even do correctly! I think I may secretly pick out the only good ones (like, 4 out of 30) and give back the rest. Here are a few courtesy of Caylen and Whoopi. Mine will be coming soon, promise!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The roof of the main stage caught fire

On my victim's shoulders for The XX

Caylen & Dylan, no pun intended




Coachella was awesome--my biggest regret is not bringing the SLR, I could’ve easily snuck it in. I have two rolls of film coming in so a recap & review will be in order in no time. The acts and art were amazing to all appeals, auditory, olfactory, visually, gustatory, ethos, logos, pathos, you name it. I spent the weekend under over-sized floppy hats, eating vegan munchies, canoodled with the pseudo-GF aka the best friend (feigning a romantic relationship is our method of choice for warding off the creepers).

I have some catching up to do homework-wise but I will return soon!



Copped another of mother's blouses, paired with a pair of pants that might as well be hers

Mother's blouse, Levi's, Vintage cardi, ballet flats

Tuesday, Boyy and I performed at an all ages event that goes on in Hollywood every Tuesday (Dance), and it was a blaaast. I was originally going to play the keyboard and accompany myself while doing vocals but we didn't have the right adapter, so that'll be happening next time. Vibes were great, & the other DJs brought it, as expected from any 1107 event. They are also hosting the Matinee stage at the dome of the campgrounds at Coachella, which is my next subject... it was last minute but I'll be attending this year! Let me know if you are too. It's going to be good times but I will def. be missing someone.

Have a safe weekend




Our blur of a Saturday was spent with Saint; I don't even know how I can fathom the words to elab on events but it was a pretty crazy time! That aside, you should definitely check out his music, and not only does he make awesome mixes but makes amazing visuals!