When I'm With You...

You walk into the party and instantly his eyes are locked. He continues to converse with friends but he finds himself staring intently. Quick waves of hopeful wishing flood his mind as he attempts to focus his mind back on the mixed drinks and friends that adorn the table in front of him. It seems like every other second a new face is drawn to you, smiles and hugs protrude through the thick crowd at your direction. He notices the shoes that move you through the crowd always on beat, old ballet flats, originally pink but worn down to a flesh-tone. One more thing that keeps him entranced on you. You suddenly disappear behind a thick mix of fog and gyrating bodies. He is quickly thrown back into the unsubstantial conversation that is circulating through his small table. Questions are being fired at him as he nods his head pretending to agree. He prays to God for the chance to bump into you and never once blinks, still waiting for you to reappear through the crowd. Ohmigod! Hey! He turns around and there you are, His prayers have been answered. An acquaintance of his best friend's new love interest. You embrace her but you still don't notice him. He tries not to stare but can't help but to appreciate the time and detail God must have put into creating something so beautiful. Like a Van Gogh painting, he cherishes you up close noticing every detail that makes you a breathing work of art. This is it! His chance, he waits eagerly like a child on Christmas Eve waiting to be introduced. Hey everyone this is _________ my old friend from high school. "Hey everyone," you say. Your voice makes him melt, you're his Joanna Newson with a voice so sweet and innocent it takes a rare breed to understand its real worth and beauty. He slowly begins to extend his hand out but a sudden sense of self doubt quickly brings it right back to his side. As abruptly as you came, you're gone, pulled away by another pair of open arms. He watches while you slowly disappear back into the crowd as your voice continuously replays in his mind. FUCK! FUCK FUCK! He already knows, His chance of having you bless his life was gone. To make things worse his ex keeps calling and he has to be at work in 6 hours..... What a shitty night.

-Chris G

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  1. Gah, so sweet! Looks like it should be a vid to one of The Pixies tracks.

    Oh and to answer your Q, this was at the Big Day Out, Australia's biggest music festival. I had to go report on it. Girl Talk was fun, but underwhelming.


  2. ...I hope that you are never forced to eat bananas. I have a weird thing about blueberries!


  3. You are gorgeous :) Love the profile picture!!!
    Lovely blog :) Cute posts!
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    Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.


  5. I love your writing, it's beautiful.


  6. who sings the background song???


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