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The weekend was pretty calm, stopped by Alyson's for her 20th birthday, and also the belated birthday of one of the boy's old friends.

Banana Republic cardi, Goodwill; AA tri-blend racer-back; black jean shorts; UO tights

I've been a vegetarian for years, and haven't eaten red meat for even longer, but I recently took up vegan-hood, due to constant revelations and reminders from the best friend, combined with getting over food poisoning. This is a HUGE deal for me considering the fact that I have an obsession (understatement of the year!) with cheese. But it's been going well so far and I feel great! People will perpetually ask that question, "Zomg well like, wut do you eat?!" A lot! (Not to mention the other annoying question Cay brought up, "How do get your protein??") Food ideas will keep coming :o)

Jalapeno hummus, pita cheps, wheat toast w soy cheese & avocado, ice cold soy milk



  1. Looove the print on your jacket!
    I'm a vegetarian too - and my auntie is a vegan. She likes to make pizzas, with tomato paste, paprika, oregano, and then she'll chop up some veggies like mushrooms and zucchini etc and then bake it for about 15 minutes. it's beautiful, if you're looking for some vegan goodness. ;)

  2. That leopard print jacket looks so cute! Loving all your jewellery too. All the best with your new found vegan-ism :)

  3. Oh well done you, I've never had the courage to become began, glad to hear its going well :) You look gorgeous, the outfit is super cute.
    xx. Peach Princess ♥

  4. Oh that is great. I've been Vego for about 5 years, well until about 6 months ago I started eating fish again and I haven't been sick since.
    Congrats on going vegan, it's a step I couldn't make.

    x Josie

  5. I've never tried Pita chips I'm going to have to look those up next time I go grocery shopping ^_^.

  6. Thanks so much for the note. I so love the stockings in the pics. Really some sweet photos. Wow, that's great about the vegan lifestyle. If only I didn't like cheese.

  7. it's awesome that you're doing that, i would never be able to.

  8. Um. Jalapeno hummus?! I was not aware such a thing existed... yum! Love the jewelery, I'm really into crosses right now.

  9. you are SO gorgeous! wow! love your outfit so much! and i am obsessed with cheese also. i have had numerous conversations with people about how much i love it pahaha weird right.

    xo tiffany

  10. Cute cardigan!
    Love your blog (:

    xx, Melissa

  11. Trader Joe goodies?! I always love me some hummus + pita bread.


  12. i love your ripped stockings! they look so cool. im a vegetarian too although i could never turn into a vegan...i live on yougurt and buttermilk =)


  13. the whole outfit looks great, and that cardigan is the cutest.


  14. I just came across your blog, and I really love your style!! That leopard cardigan is fabulous! I have one sort of similar but in a different shade. Anyway, I'm definitely going to follow! You're hair is gorgeous by the way! I love the shine to it!

  15. i love the tights =) and the leo cardi is pretty amazing too. i think u have style so i follow you, it would be great if u follow me back! :)

  16. There is Almond Cheese, which I recently discovered. It's amazing. I bought the Mozarella Almond Kind. It still has the taste, but a little lighter and with a nice nutty flavor. Plus, it's fat free and doesn't hurt any cows.

    Also, I love your name. I've got a little cousin named Joella, but Joellen is nice too.

  17. I just love your outfit! That first photo is amazing, the shorts and that cardigan are glorious!!

  18. thta looks yummy.

    Love your cardi.
    And happy b-day to your friend!

  19. I love vegan food and how you rock the runs in the stockings. Awesome style. I am inspired to revamp my look :) xx


  20. good luck with the veganism. if you ever want any ideas, jess's mom has thee best recipes.

    I can't believe no ones said anything about the parmesan garlic pita chips not being vegan :p

  21. Omg thank you for telling me! Someone told me they were an OK so I didn't figure to look at the ingredients. I will be more cautious!


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