Faux Stars & Stripes

Just being rebels at fancy malls after-hours.

Denim button-up, Mom's closet; white tank; UO tights; Kimchi Blue purse, gold (now silver) flats


Sans Title

The weekend was pretty calm, stopped by Alyson's for her 20th birthday, and also the belated birthday of one of the boy's old friends.

Banana Republic cardi, Goodwill; AA tri-blend racer-back; black jean shorts; UO tights

I've been a vegetarian for years, and haven't eaten red meat for even longer, but I recently took up vegan-hood, due to constant revelations and reminders from the best friend, combined with getting over food poisoning. This is a HUGE deal for me considering the fact that I have an obsession (understatement of the year!) with cheese. But it's been going well so far and I feel great! People will perpetually ask that question, "Zomg well like, wut do you eat?!" A lot! (Not to mention the other annoying question Cay brought up, "How do get your protein??") Food ideas will keep coming :o)

Jalapeno hummus, pita cheps, wheat toast w soy cheese & avocado, ice cold soy milk



Heartchu, SF

I severely fcked up my bangs, you can't tell completely by these but I wouldn't blame someone on the street for mistaking me for Miss Swan. I've been pretty inactive this past week due to my recent contraction of food poisoning--I've been to the depths of sick and back (non-life threatening at least), and I'd have to say food poisoning is the most uncomfortable and unbearable of these illnesses, with a severe kidney infection shortly following after. Now that I'm better it's back to outings & shenanigans, rigorous school work, and more actively posting.

PS I've been getting a lot of question derived from my blog via email, comments, and even myspace messages so I'll be answering all of you shortly!




Four of my sketches on my wall

35mm 400 ISO black & white Fujifilm


It was always mesh & lace

Spring break has been pretty eventful, Chris and Carlos (Blur the Technicolor) were working on music when I arrived to get ready to see Uffie at Cinespace in Hollywood. Met up with Luxie in line, and a co-worker randomly spotted me; from afar I heard someone yell, "HEY DO YOU WORK AT URBAN OUTFITTERS?!" Hahah. Then after, long story short, I used an expired ID instead of my new one, and d-bag in the front chimes in, "Baby, you're trying to use two IDs, put twenty under the ID and I'll get you in." Admission was $5. No thanks prick, I had enough fun in line to not want to go in for an hour and have him pocket $15 of MY (okay, my dad's) hard-earned money.

Silence & Noise mesh & lace bodysuit, AA skirt, vintage denim vest, UO heels & belt

The next day we ventured to Corona del Mar, much more beautiful than close-by publicized beaches (Newport/Huntington), and discovered how close it actually is to the boy's house. For St. Patty's night we went to the Crosby in Santa Ana to see Dan Oh and Them Jeans spin, who by the way played at Cinespace the previous night, so once again, no big loss. Unfortunately, camera batteries were dead, they ceased to live.

2 tsp of dressing straight in the bag, shaken up, my ghetto salad.



noir et blanc

These are from various occasions including free pancake day at IHOP (could not pass that one up!), Valentine's Day, and random adventures with my three best friends. More to come.



She's Crafty

Urban Renewal headband, Dolce Vita boots, UO tights, old dress I found in my closet, Vest & purse--vintage, thanks, Mom.

First official evening of Spring break. If only it took place during indeed, Spring. I aim to make the most of it! I had craft day with Matt (Mattie!); we went to Michael's and he made that awesome mask for Fever Ray’s performance at Coachella, which by the way I would sell one of my kidneys to attend! I also spotted a sketch in Mattie's room which I immediately recognized as Conan O’Brien. I miss Coco… sigh, until September. I'm picking up my b&w photos from a pro lab in Irvine tomorrow, excited! Although I'll have to find a new place after using their services only once; the employees are awfully pretentious.
And if you haven't gotten the chance, check out Chris' writing in the previous post. His usage of imagery and diction is impeccable.