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Nine times out of ten, our hearts just get dissolved

Recently I've been peeping through my mother's closet every so often and it makes me wonder why I haven't been doing this earlier. I feel fortunate that she's the same size and let's me borrow her clothes without borrowing mine (Think back to Jenny Jones: My Mother Dresses too Sexy, Help!)

(My lappy-cam is more fond of my bathroom lighting)

As compared to:

Retailing at $38? Umm I'm good with mine!

VALENTINE'S DAY is coming up! I look past the "capitalism-endored holiday" argument and embrace the celebrated day for what it is! Anywho, the best gifts are the homemade ones... Still brainstorming surprises for the bff & bew; this is what I made last year (besides embellishing his room with photos of me, tehe)

And if you're in the LA/Downey area you should make it out to this!


Diana Mini Photos

Cheese aisle ~hearts~

And I tried this on during my break at werk and had to get it! I've been eyeing it on the website but it's been backordered for weeks.