Let's do this like a prison break I wanna see you squeal & shake

One of my favorite closets (can't say the same for the owner), Paris Hilton's closet.

I was recently tagged in a post, so as mentioned, here's a peep in mine...

Front view

Shoes, scarves, & heavier coats

Right side; skirts, hoodies/jackets, tanks & button-ups
& my fav two drawers on top (tights!)

Left side; dresses, leotards, rompers, folded tees
+extra pillows/comforters for the guestrooms

And I'm 40 shots away from developing my next roll of film :o)


  1. OHHHHH MY!!

    Girl,please please let me raid a thing or two from your closet! You have so much clothes:)

  2. I'm such a voyeur, I love looking at stuff like this.


  3. Wow her closet is amazing, but yours is too! I wish mine was that big!

    xo C,

  4. Hey! Ur closet is great! Mine is soo sad! really! :D oh and hi!

  5. Its interesting looking into peoples wardrobes, everyone has somekind of system, yours looks so perfect. My system is MESS!
    Love your header by the way
    Rianna Bethany xxxxx

  6. your closet is AMAZING! and i LOVED the name of this post! So glad I found your blog! I will follow from now on!!


    meg @ www.strawberriesandlace.blogspot.com

  7. very cool! Looks great.. reminds me to go though my closet!


  8. OMG. this post look like i died n went 2 closet heavin!!!

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