Busy wkend & a lagging scanner

Recently developed roll up soon :o)


I do not accept any less than someone just as real, as fabulous

I've actually kept up with most of my New Year's resolutions so far, one of them being to buy all (or the vast majority) of my clothes at second hand stores.

Too lazy to use timer + no tripod

Cardi: $5, Purse: $2

This men's Premium Label tee in Wasabi: $2;
I'm mid-transforming it into a dress so it's currently on the t-shirt surgery table

I got my photos developed but the lady, (for lack of better terms) fcked my shit up! Seriously, not that difficult. But they're being reprocessed as I type :o)


Rain, rain, go away

My hair gets extra-curly on rainy dayz

I made a tumblr for random cell phone pictures I take because I'm a bit scared/annoyed of twitter. It also has an icon on the contacts section I added on the top right hand corner.


Mustard Pimpin'

The Jack Bauer mixtape!

When it comes to making Electro that is so filthy that you need to take a long bath after wards accompanied by a free AIDS test at your nearest clinic, the French have us beat worse than Jersey Shore's Snooki! Mustard Pimp is a fine example of this; they completely kill it with this mixtape. Not content with your typical 45 minute long DJ mixtapes? Mustard Pimp gives you this 24-hour long brain aneurysm that will have you feeling like Arnold Schwarzenegger at the end of Total Recall.

Here is Hour 1: 8AM-9AM
Mustard Pimp - Jack Bauer Mixtape - Hour 1 8AM-9AM (January 2K10) by mustard pimp

Download the entire 24 hours here


Let's do this like a prison break I wanna see you squeal & shake

One of my favorite closets (can't say the same for the owner), Paris Hilton's closet.

I was recently tagged in a post, so as mentioned, here's a peep in mine...

Front view

Shoes, scarves, & heavier coats

Right side; skirts, hoodies/jackets, tanks & button-ups
& my fav two drawers on top (tights!)

Left side; dresses, leotards, rompers, folded tees
+extra pillows/comforters for the guestrooms

And I'm 40 shots away from developing my next roll of film :o)


Back to school, back to school, to prove to Daddy that I'm not a fool

School has begun! I will continue posting, probably just not as often. Which should excuse for the lack on content in this post, but I got some goodies comin soon :oP

Haha and totally random video that ended up landing its way on Chris' yewtewb, but if it serves any relevance my thigh highs in the beginning are my new favorite tights. I need two more pairs so I'm not paranoid of runs!


Lady Gaga as Creative Director of Polaroid

Photo courtesy of her Twitter, her new business card in hand

Yes. it's true! Lady Gaga has announced her new affiliation with Polaroid. Although the instant photography line of Polaroid was discontinued last year, they continue to produce forms of digital medium. This is what Lady Gaga has to say about becoming the new Creative Director:

"I am so proud to announce my new partnership with Polaroid as the creative director and inventor of specialty projects," said Lady Gaga. "The Haus of Gaga has been developing prototypes in the vein of fashion/technology/photography innovation, blending the iconic history of Polaroid and instant film with the digital era. Lifestyle, music, art, fashion: I am so excited to extend myself behind the scenes as a designer, and to as my father puts it – finally, have a real job."

I've gotten around the discontinuation of instant Polaroids by confiding in my Fuji Instax Mini for my instant photo needs, but I'll definitely be checking out Polaroid's digital line once Lady Gaga's products hit stores in late 2010.

These are some of my favorite looks of hers:

These were also used as inspiration for my Gaga costume this past Halloween, which I don't mind posting again due to the fact I was in the HOSPITAL all Halloween night!

& Courtesy to Chris for first bringing it up to me


Mmm thighz

Yumm my favorite part. Be inspired or ~thinspired, or both, your choice.

One of my favs. I want to do that!

A few more of my favorite Diana Mini shots:
Fav :o)

My room--I'm in the process of redecorating then I'm planning to post the results :o)

And this was in a room w no lights besides a single white lights swirling around. I held the shutter open for 30 sec. & walla!

More photos soon!



The only photos I have from NYE!

J, V & C love lace on 1.1.10

Fish eye shots

'Roid Rage

Getting inspired before I reload my Instax with a fresh cartridge of instant film.