Happy Birthday, Hello Kitty!

Sunday boyy surprised me with his broskiez, Jess & Sophie<3 by taking me to HK's 35th B-day celebration in Culver City; it was small but I loved it! Then went to Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles after wards bahaha.

It's made up of a bunch of lil trinkets!!

They didn't have take-home menus at the cafe but she gave me one of them anywho n_n

Saw the Gaga Dress IRL... HK+Gaga=<3

Purrrr es!! Really exciting wkend coming ahead!!


If you miss me, then that's your fault

From Sunset Junction, since my memory card mishap.


My best friend is not speaking with me

So I'm stuck w Little Nicky during the vamp. hours
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