Now the Jingle Rock (and my favorite month) has begun

Upon recently discovering my mother's AMAZING supply of different teas, I've been drinking non-stop like a fiend. This may explain my new found lust after these, found at Kuehn-Keramik.

No more chemistry labs for the rest of my life! Wednesday was my last one, and the only thing I'll miss is being the shot-callah between my lab partner and myself, and forcing everyone to call me 'Lady Goggles'

Finally putting these babies to use! I was contemplating on the purchase of these Betsey Johnson tights from my werk, but I think it's a must now that I've discovered they double as socks??

And finally, it was a shame to realize I've yet to credit my blog header and myspace art that I've borrowed. Laura Laine has added more beautiful artwork to her portfolio which is definitely worth a gander.


  1. i must have those teacups! the poison one is the best.
    Also, I gave you an award on my blog :)

  2. Lovely header! and even your blog, really inspiring! I'll follow yours <3



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